One direction love story!

name: serena
looks: Dark hair light eyes tanned skin
Besties: Lauren and Aria
who she likes in one direction: Zayn Malik

Name: Aria
Looks: light brown hair and brown eyes
Besties: lauren and serena
Who she (secretly) likes in one direction: niall horan

Looks: Curly dirty blonde hair, cheeky grin, dark blue eyes
who she likes in one direction:Harry styles
Besties: Aria and Serena

Chapter 17

Andrea and Liams date!

Liam's POV

"Bet I can beat you to the end of the rink!," I challenged Andrea. "Your on!," she laughed and strapped on her roller skates. We raced over to the end of the rink and i beat her by about 5 seconds. "Phooey!," she pouted and stuck her tongue out. I smiled and lightly pushed her across the rink.

Andrea's POV

"HEY!," I protested and grabbed his arm. He smirked. "rematch?," he asked. I nodded. "I'll beat your azz," He grinned and i shoved him playfully. "One, Too, Three!, GO!," We skated across the rink and this time i beat him. "Take that!," I laughed. "Boo," He said and threw a gum wrapper at me. I swatted it away. Suddenly his phone rang. "Uhmm Heyy! Uh Huh.. Yeah.. Not NOW! ..I cant. No, Fine.," he hung up and shoved it down his pockets. "who was it?," I asked bending down, tightening the laces on my roller skates. "Just Danielle, can we hang out later maybe? I have too meet her somewhere," He groaned. "WHOA wait what? I thought you guys broke up!," I said straightening up. "We did she's in the hospital, so I have to go see how she is, I'm sorry Andrea! I'll see you later!," He kissed my forehead and walked out.

Liam's POV

"Hey Danielle," I said carefully setting my gift down next to her. "Thanks," she said looking forward not saying anything. "Are you OK?," I said. "Just DANDY," she said sarcastically. "Danielle I'm sorry for breaking up with you it's just i wasn't feeling it, I like someone else.," She sat still looking forward. I looked over to window where she was staring at. Crap fans and people with cameras. Then suddenly she grabbed my face and crashed her lips against mine. The camera's flashed furiously i quickly pushed away. "WTF Dan!, I have a girlfriend.. DAMNN she's not gonna like this," Danielle smirked "Have fun convincing her "lee-yum," (Idk I bet she's really nice in real life so.. ) I grabbed my gift back and stormed out. "ATLEAST leave the gift!," Danielle called out. I rolled my eyes and threw the box back at her. "Bye!," She chirped all happily now.

--------------------- THE NEXT MORNING --------------------------------------------------------

Andrea's POV

I poured milk into my cereal bowl and flopped on the couch and turned on E news.I drank my orange juice then Liam's face popped up and it showed a picture of Liam and Danielle making out in the hospital. I did a spit take and flicked off the TV.

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