One direction love story!

name: serena
looks: Dark hair light eyes tanned skin
Besties: Lauren and Aria
who she likes in one direction: Zayn Malik

Name: Aria
Looks: light brown hair and brown eyes
Besties: lauren and serena
Who she (secretly) likes in one direction: niall horan

Looks: Curly dirty blonde hair, cheeky grin, dark blue eyes
who she likes in one direction:Harry styles
Besties: Aria and Serena

Chapter 1

Serenas POV

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," I screamed The radio had just announced that me and my friends had won the one direction concert!!!
Lauren fainted and Aria looked calm. Aria claimed that she really didn't like one direction but she'll change her mind when we see them live. As soon as Lauren woke up she widened her eyes "was that a dream or did we just win backstage passes?!?!," she asked looking from me to Aria. "Wow their not that big of a deal," Aria said rolling her eyes even though we all know she found Niall sexy. "Are you kidding me??," Lauren said to Aria " Have you seen Harry Styles shiertless?!," She turned to me "we have to go shopping!,"

Lauren wore this :

Aria wore this:

And i wore:

I tightened my ponytail and hopped into the car

~at the mall~

Aria's POV

At the food court i slurped on a strawberry smoothie. Seriously i was as crazy as they were but i didn't want to admit it. I swear whenever i saw Niall's photos I melt. His blue eyes were just so gorgeous and AHH couldn't get him out of my mind!

~at abercrombie~
'"oh my gosh this is so cute Aria!," I looked at the lacy top Serena was holding out.. "Nahh to girly, by the way wheres Lauren?,"
"shes trying on stuff to impress harry styles at the concert," Serena replied smirking. "You'll need something really pretty to get Niall's attention," she went on. I blushed "shutt up!," I growled

This is what they ended up buying




We were all ready for the concert next week!

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