Hetaoni - The Mansion of Deeeeeeeaaaaaath

Hetaoni - The Mansion of Deeeeeeeaaaaaath

Italy hears rumors about a haunted mansion.Wanting to spend time with the others more and go on an adventure, he tells America about it, who in turn tells all the others at a World Meeting. They only wanted to look around a bit and then leave, but their plans are quickly ruined when they find themselves unable to open the front door or any windows once they get inside.What follows is a great adventure, filled with mystery,suspense,blood,bravery,and sacrifice,NOTOUR ORIGINALIDEA, BUTWEMADECHANGES

Chapter 1

The Rumor Is True

There is a deserted house on a hill that no one knows how old it is, or who used to live in it. Rumor has it it's haunted. Italy heard about this rumor, but has now found the house, and is talking to Prussia, Germany and Japan right in front of it.
"I thought it was just a rumor, I never thought we would actually find it," Japan said.
"I don't really think it's that bad," Prussia sighed happily.
"Not very interesting, though" Germany said strait on.
"I agree, I think we should go back, I'm bored" Japan said, nodding.
"Awww, but we looked so hard to find it, let's go inside!" Italy exclaimed.
"Maybe later, I'm not going in yet," Germany sighed.
With that, Japan, Germany, and Prussia Left, leaving Italy to stare at it. Italy started thinking (which isn't good) and then got an idea that he should tell the others about it, starting with America.
But of course, in turn of telling America, he told the other allies at a world meeting.
"Where exactly did you hear this from?" Britain asked
"Italy!" America shouted.
There was a long awkward pause.
Finally, China asked, "You believe Italy?"
"Well, yes, and Germany, and Japan, and Prussia were there too! They're actually in the house exploring now if you want to hear and see for yourself!"
"Well, I'm willing to check it out!" whispered Canada in the back. Somehow everyone heard him and agreed to check it out.
Considering the Axis were already in, they decided to go in themselves.
"Well, what do ya know! America was right!" Britain sighed.
"Well yes, but these cobwebs are messing up my hair and tarnishing my beauty!" France shouted nervously.
"Shut up, I hate you France," Britain muttered, but loud enough that France heard him. Then of course they started fighting, so the noise allowed the Axis to find that they were there.
"Hey! Glad you guys could make it!" Italy said happily. France and Britain stopped fighting, and brushed themselves off. "Well, It appears we're all here, why not start looking around?" Germany said after a while.
"YAY! TIME FOR ADVENTURE TOGETHER!" Italy exclaimed happily.
After a look around, Japan got tired and tried to leave.
"We've looked around long enough, let's go," he said, but when they tried to open the door, it was locked. They tried the other doors and windows, they were locked too. "Uh oh," Japan said, "We're locked in!"

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