Love on the Battlefield

This is a Hunger Games inspired story. It kinda is going more along the lines of Finnick and Annie b/c it's in District 4. If you haven't seen The Hunger Games or read the first two books of Hunger Games (Hunger Games & Catching Fire) then I wouldn't read cause you might get confused.

Chapter 1

Reaping Day

“Come on Marci, I was just kidding. You know me; I would never volunteer for the Games” Trevor said.

“Then why joke about it?” I argued.

“’Cause someone’s gotta lighten up this dreadful day. Don’t you agree?” he was imitating the Capitol accent, so of course I had to laugh.

“Alright Trevor just this once. But will you promise me something?” I asked.


“Promise me you won’t ever volunteer for the Games. Ever!” My voice strained with worry. Worry for losing Trevor to these inhuman Games.

Trevor had this huge, blindingly, white grin on his face. He said, “I promise Marc. Now you have to promise me you won’t volunteer either.”

“I promise Trevor.” I ran into his arms and hugged him close. Listening to the sound of his calm heartbeat, he returned my hug with a gentle kiss on my forehead. We looked into each others’ eyes. Trevor’s sparkly, green eyes locked on to my dazzling, blue ones and he gently stroked back a strand of my light, wavy, red hair that blew in the wind. His eyes, I could tell, had a tint of regret in them, for I knew I had asked a lot. What I had made him promise was to never volunteer for his younger sisters, Able and Joy, if they ever got picked.

But hadn’t I done the same? How was it a different feeling? I don’t know, I just couldn’t stand the thought of losing Trevor. I want to grow old with him, have kids. He can see the longing in my eyes, that’s why he made the promise.

“Well come on then. Time to go to the square for the drawing.” Trevor said, dreading yet again another Hunger Games.

As we walked into the square everyone was signing in. I signed in with Trevor and walked over to find the rest of my family. I see my little sister Lily standing over by my little brother Jakob. They are waving me over, and that’s when I finally see my dad. His light green-violet eyes twinkle in the sun. He’s the only unique one in our family as far as looks go. As I make my way over to talk to them, I’m too late. Peacekeepers start to push me and Trevor to where we are supposed to stand, and they continue to push my little siblings over to where they are to go. I look to make sure they are not hurt, and when I see they are safely over there, I turn to the stage where I see River Savage take the stage.

“Welcome everyone to the reaping of the tributes for the 84th annual Hunger Games!” River said in her high pitched, bell voice. She was wearing a sea green dress that came down to her knees, and looked like waves when she would walk around. It had flats that were a lighter, sea green. She had light blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back and had ocean blue streaks in it. And to complete her Capitol look, she had lots of make on her face. Pale white skin, dark blue eye shadow, and light blue lipstick.

She, and the help of some Peacekeepers, started the video about how the districts formed along with the Capitol, and about the dark days just like all the other videos. They had added a new rule since the 80th Hunger Games; they let us come home with both tributes from our district we’re in, if we make it that far. Finally it ended and it was time for the reaping.

“Let’s start with the girls, shall we?” River said, making her way to the bowl that contained all the girls’ names. She swirled her hand in the bowl for what seemed like two minutes. Finally she grabbed a name and walked to the microphone.

“This year’s girl tribute is Marci Curtis! Marci where are you?” River asked.

I looked around at all the faces staring at me with horror, shock, fright, and sadness. Some even have jealousy, but I know they won’t volunteer for me. I feel behind me someone pushes me forward. I don’t realize I’m moving until I’m at the steps. I see the faces of my family, Jakob and Lily are crying, my dad can’t even lift his head to see me. I don’t know if he’s crying or sad or even disappointed.

River’s walking over to the bowl that contains all the boys’ names. I don’t even realize who’s been called till I hear some say that they volunteer. I look over and see a kid I know from school, Caleb Ethan. He walked out in the path people had cleared for him. He stopped as someone shouted out, “I volunteer!” I’m looking around to see who will be my partner. As soon as I lay eyes on him my heart stops. This can’t be happening I think. I see Trevor mounting the stage.

Without thinking I holler at him, “What are you thinking?! You promised me you wouldn’t volunteer for the Games!” I’m screaming and I know everyone can hear, but I don’t care. All I can think about now, is what if I lose Trevor.

“I have to go to protect you Marc. I can’t lose-” he starts, but I don’t let him finish.

“I don’t need protecting; I can do fine on my own! I can’t believe I trusted you; you lied to me!” I holler at him again. How could he do this to me?

“Marci, please don’t take it that way! I love you!” he hollered back at me.

“I’m going to kill you for this.” I say calmly. That is all I say. Then I walk into the Justice Building and don’t come out.

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