My cat was just put if you care.

Chapter 1

by: _Ripple_
So yeah, last night my cat was having trouble breathing. He was panting, like cats usually do in Summer or in hot weather. (It's the middle of Autumn here.) After each breath, he kept swallowing. It looked pretty bad. :/
At about one in the morning, he started yowling. At first, I thought it was a raven, or some kind of bird making a horrible noise. It wasn't...

I went to school this morning, knowing my Mum had promised to take him to the vet while I was away. I was worried, but I thought he'd be more or less okay.

When I got home, Mum was crying.

His heart was pushed to one side of his chest. We didn't bother to pay for the tests that would have told us what exactly what was causing it, the vet said it was unlikely they'd be able to treat whatever it was, even if tests were performed, and treatment would have required thousands of dollars that we couldn't afford to spend. They said it might have been cancer, or a few other things, it didn't really mean much to me.

But...yeah. He was put down. My cat's name was Ginger, he was only seven years old. I've had him since he was a kitten. Yeah...I'm sorta hurting a lot right now. :/

Anyway, I guess that's it. Thanks for reading.

I love you all.



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