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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Gymdogs
My name is Bailey Gilbert, but you can call me Bay. I'm fifteen years old, a Sophomore in high-school. I am quite a smart girl, I get +A in all my classes. I only have one friend, her name is Lucy, but I call her Luc.

I am very weird, most people call me a freak, stupid, weird, nerd, b!!tch, and some people tell me to go to h3ll. My life is hard, but I push threw.

I get bullied a lot, for just being me. I always have been bullied, but some reason this is the worst.

----------------------Present Day-----------------------------

I rode the bus to school as usual, and as usual I was sitting in the back, while everyone asked me "Why aren't you dead?" I wouldn't reply until I realized Lucy was asking me too. "Lucy? Why are you doing this?" I asked. "Well I thought last night, and I realized you should be dead" Lucy said.

I literally felt my heart break in two at that moment.


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