The Sisters (An Original Group Story)

Original Group Story!!!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Stay_Stong)

by: Gymdogs
My name is Sierra Hongen, i'm fourteen. I have long, curly red hair, green eyes, freckles, i'm tall, and skinny, cause my parents never feed me. I have five sisters, and one on the way. I've had a rough life, my parents kicked me out five months ago, cause they need a room for the new baby. I only have four friends outside of my family, but i'm never allowed to see them, so I sneaks out at night.

My best friend is my sister Avren, she is so amazing, and cool. Normally I get along with my sisters, but sometimes we get in fights.

My parents don't care about me, they just leave me in the dust, I am always left to clean the house, and clean all there messes. While all my other sisters go and play, I am stuck cleaning. My parents treat all my sisters a bit better than me, and it makes me sad.

My dad is a film maker, and are mom is a stay at home mom. She never does anything, but sit in a chair and yell at me.

I basically can make anyone of my sisters feel better, I can stop them from crying, running away. But I don't know where I got it from.

----------------------------Life 5 Months Ago-------------------------------

It was a usual Tuesday morning, my dad came in my room, and put all my things in a bag, he then walked over to me and shook me, as usual I ignored it. "Get up Sierra" he said, "No" I yelled. He pushed me out of bed, and I fell on the hard wood floor. He threw the bags on me and yelled. "Your moving out". "But, why?" I asked. "We need room for the baby" he yelled. I didn't want to get in an argument this morning, so I grabbed my bag, and walked out of my room. I looked into Rosie's room, and saw her pecking at the door. "Get back in bed Rosie!" dad yelled. I walked down the stair, I felt the cold breeze hit my face. "May I change clothes?" I asked before I walked out the door. "Be my guest" my dad said.

I walked into the bathroom, and pulled out my long sleeve purple shirt, and my blue jeans. I grabbed my tennis shoes, and walked out of the bathroom. With bidding a good day, I walked out the door. "Where am I gonna go?" I asked myself. Today was not a good day, and it wasn't gonna get better. But at that moment I remembered when we first come into the neighborhood, there is a small hut on the left. I walked up the path to the front of the neighborhood, and saw no one in the hut, I walked in and put my things down, and waited for anything to happen.

Then I felt a burning in my back, I felt my spine, and remembered when my dad whipped me.


I walked into my dad's filming room, cause I was supposed to clean it. So I walked over to his camera and dusted it off. I accidentally hit the on button, and the whole film my dad just made turned on, I tried to turn it off, but it broke. "Sierra, what is that---" "MY CAMERA!!" my dad yelled. "I'm so sorry, I was just trying to clean it off" I said. "You know the punishment" my dad said, he pulled out his rope, while I pulled the back of my shirt up, and he hit me three times with the rope.

I ran back upstairs, and saw my sister Reyne crying, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to my room.

End of Flash-Back

--------------------------Life Now---------------------

I build and little shed in are yard for me to life in, since my family still wants me to clean, and be there for my sisters, the baby is almost here, but I'm not excited.

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