Stole My Heart (A Harry Styles Love Story)

Stole My Heart (A Harry Styles Love Story)

Okay so it's another 1D story...of course! Who else? I wrote this one inspired by a few movies and because my friend really wanted to be the main character in one. Hope you enjoy! Comments and criticism are always wanted :)

Chapter 1

A night amongst the stars

by: 1D4Life
I was so excited I could barely breathe. I was on an airplane flying from California to New York City. Each year my Aunt Becky throws a huge masquerade ball in the Rockefeller Plaza and all the celebrities are invited. Some of my family will be there as well but only my main family like my Mom's siblings and their kids (who are all older than me). I was looking over the guest list that my aunt sent my mom and my eyes just kept growing wider and wider. I couldn’t believe at who would be showing up. I saw Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Zac Efron, and many, many more. What caught my eye as I scanned the list though was One Direction! I absolutely adored them. They are all that I talk about, ask anyone.
"Mom did you see this!" I asked her. She put down the fashion magazine she was reading and looked at me.
"Yeah I saw the list." She said.
"Did you look at whose coming?" I said with an attitude.
"Let me guess. Are they British?" She said sarcastically. I squealed jumping in my seat a little bit.
"YES!" I shouted. She covered my mouth and I looked around the cabin. People were staring now.
"Keep your voice down." She warned me.
"EEK! I can't help it." I said with excitement. She laughed and picked up her magazine again. Just to let you know my parents aren’t exactly nobody's either. My mom is the co-founder for Gucci and Prada and my dad is a very successful entertainment lawyer. So at the ball, plenty of celebrities will already know who they are. Some of them we keep in contact with such as Sandra Bullock and Blake Lively.
An attendant came over the loudspeaker saying we'd be landing in 10 minutes. I started to jump in my seat again from all the energy that's been storing up for the past 6 hours from just sitting here. I stared at my Ipod's clock intently and holding my breath each time a minute pasted.
"Ladies and Gentlemen we are now in New York City. Please unfasten your seatbelts as we unload the plane. Thank you." The pilot said.
"Alright now stay with me you hear?" My mom said. I nodded and we grabbed each of our carry-on's and walked off the plane. I looked around the airport in search of my older brother Bryce. He's supposed to be picking my parents and I up from the airport since he lives here already.
"Look there he is." My mom said to my dad pointing ahead. I saw Bryce wave and I sprinted to him and he caught me in a hug.
"Hey Em!" He said with a cheery tone.
"Bryce I missed you so much!" He laughed and hugged me again before putting me back on my feet. He walked over and hugged my parents once they reached where we were.
"Bryce honey." My mom said.
"Mom, hi." He said shyly while giving her a hug.
"Are we all set?" My dad asked. We all nodded and we headed outside the airport. Bryce drove us to his condo that happened to be near the plaza itself. When we stepped inside his apartment my jaw dropped since I've never been here before.
"You live here?!" I gasped. He nodded.
"Sure do. I love it." He said. The condo had two floors. The bottom was huge and all open concepts with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a wrap around couch in the living room with a huge plasma screen mounted on the wall above a gorgeous brick fireplace. The stairwell had steel railings and clear steps that wrapped around up to the second floor. I ran up the steps to find my bedroom that was apparently all set up. When I walked in my jaw dropped again.
"Oh…my…god!" I had a queen size platform bed with a beautiful flower designed comforter. There was a big plasma mounted on the wall across from it and two nightstands on either side of my bed with a cute lamp on one. A dresser was under the TV and a big floor length mirror was next to my closet against the wall on the left when you first walked in. I looked around the room at the light purple walls and walked to the big wrap around windows with a window seat attached to them. I pulled back the see through curtains and looked at the view. I could see everything!
"You like?" I heard Bryce said from behind me. I turned quickly to see him.
"I love!" I said. He smiled and picked up an empty picture frame that was on the dresser.
"You should start to unpack then get ready. The ball starts at 7." I nodded then he left the room. I unpacked all of my posters, accessories, and clothes. My mom said we were going to stay here for a while so I figured why not pack basically my room. I had a good 5 hours before the ball started and didn’t waste any time. When I was finished, all my clothes and dresses were either hung up or put away neatly, all of my posters (mostly of One Direction) were put up, and my dresser was lined with perfumes, makeup, and other stuff. My dock was blasting with my music and I was singing to it at the top of my lungs.
"Baby you light up my world like no body else….The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed…but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell…You don't know-o-oh…You don't know you're beautiful!" I was dancing crazy around my room when a knock came on my door. I stopped instantly and turned the music off with fear in my eyes.
"What are you doing?" My mom asked.
"Oh, uh nothing." I said quickly. She nodded and went to sit on my bed.
"Did you pick your dress out already?" She asked. I nodded.
"Can I see?" I walked over to my closet and pulled out what I was planning on wearing.
"I love it. Now let's do your hair!" My mom said. After and hour of blow drying, twisting, and pinning, my hair was finally done. It was pulled back into an elegant curly bun with a braid on one side. She did my makeup a light silver smoky eye with black, black eyeliner, and waterproof mascara. I slipped into my dress and put on my heels and grabbed my mask. I quickly put on a diamond necklace I got for my birthday and headed downstairs. My dad and Bryce were already and they looked smashing in their tuxes.
"I'll be right down!" My mom shouted from over the balcony. She ran into her room to get ready. Bryce made a whistling sound.
"Well don't you look gorgeous?" He said. I blushed and I felt my cheeks get hot.
"I got to look my best for everybody." I said laughing. My mom came down shortly and she looked amazing! She wore a slimming cream dress with a strip of diamonds running down one side and wrapping around her waist. She wore sparkly silver pumps and a big diamond necklace around her neck. Her hair was lightly curled and she had a barrette pulling one side back. She held her small clutch in her hands.
"Mom you look great!" I said. She smiled and rushed everyone out.
"We don't want to be late." She said. The limo pulled up in front of the complex and we hopped in. There was wine and champagne cooling in an ice bucket and I went to pour myself a glass.
"Emily no!" My dad hollered.
"Oh come on! Just one glass? It's not I won't have one by the end of the night." I said sarcastically.
"I said no." He said sternly. I pulled my hand away and slumped into my seat. I pulled my phone out and checked Twitter to see what the celebs were tweeting about. I scrolled through the feed and looked up each member of One Direction's profile to see if they tweeted anything, and sure enough they did.

"So excited for tonight! Got my dance moves ready :)" ~Niall
"Big ball tonight. Heard all the biggest stars will be there!" ~Liam
"I wonder if I'll come home with a date ;)" ~Zayn
"Can't wait to show off my outfit at tonight's event." ~Louis
"Wearing a mask for a tonight. Finally no one will recognize me ;)" ~Harry

I smiled at their tweets and put my phone away. I was so excited I started to play with my hands.
"You think I'll meet One Direction?" I asked.
"Maybe. Aunt Becky knows you love them. She might've put in a good word for you." My mom said with a wink. I giggled and got even more excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. If I did meet them what would I say? How would I act? What would they think of me? I kept thinking of possible things to say to them when the limo stopped. Someone opened the door and held out their hand. My mom stepped out first grabbing the mans' hand, then my dad, then Bryce, and finally me. Cameras were flashing and I heard my name being shouted. I smiled for pictures as we walked the red carpet. After many photos and interviews later, we finally made it inside. The entire place was lined with gorgeous silk and flowers. A huge marble staircase led down to the ballroom. When I stepped inside my jaw dropped. It was HUGE! Tables were covered with white and had small but elegant centerpieces. The place settings were out and everyone had a crystal wine glass for drinks. The chairs were covered in white and draped with black. The floor was black marbled and the stage in front of the room was set up to make the appearance come alive. Some waiters were floating around with hors d'oeurves. The room was absolutely stunning! I made my way over to the bar area for a drink. Just because I'm 18 means nothing. In other countries 18 is the drinking age so I'm okay as long as I speak in an accent or something.
"Cherry martini please?" I asked the bar tender.
"Aren't you a little young to be drinking?" He asked.
"No, but thanks for the compliment." I lied smiling. He made me my drink and handed it to me.
"Excuse me but I'm looking for a Miss. Emily Taylor?" I turned around and screamed.
"OH MY GOD! AUNT BECKY!" I hugged her tightly with my drink still in my hand. She pulled away and gave me a look.
"Really?" She said looking at my drink. I shrugged.
"Ah what the heck?" She said swatting the air.
"How are you?" She asked.
"I'm doing fine thanks, and you?" I asked her.
"Marvelous! Everything is running smoothly, all the guests are arriving, no problems yet, and I'm nothing but happy right now." She chirped swinging her arms. Aunt Becky and I are like twins. She was my favorite family member and she says the same thing about me. I can tell her anything and she always can read me like a book.
"Who are waiting for?" She said smugly. Wow, she's good!
"No one." I shifted in my place and smiled at the ground.
"They're not here yet if that's what you want to know." She stated. I looked up at her with a clueless expression.
"How did you---" I trailed off.
"You really thought I didn’t know who your favorite group was? I only invited them for you! And plus the fact that they're the biggest boy band right now and they'll make me look good if they came." She said. I laughed.
"Don't worry. Anyone without an invitation can't come in so they're all yours! I'll let you know when they're here." She said.
"Thank you thank you thank you!" I said wrapping her in a tight hug.
"Anything for you dear. Have fun." She said as she made her way back into the growing crowd. I looked around just hoping to catch a glimpse of them but failed. When were they going to arrive?

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