IMPORTANT: about suicide (no, I'm not gonna kill myself just read)

Okay.... I need to get this off my chest. It's been bugging me for a while. It's about death and suicide, which is playing a large part in my life right now.

Chapter 1


As many of you know, Innermoka left. She committed suicide. Gone. And now I'm going to talk for a while about it. First,

Here is the link to her profile:

To her notice about her suicide:

To this "goodbye Innermoka" thing you should read:

Okay. Have you read those? Especially the second one? Alright, well, she was talking about a story she read that made her start thinking about suicide. I read that story long before Innermoka talked about it. Here it is, and then I'm going to talk about it. Please, just hear me out, because I'm not gonna hate on it and the author. I'm friends with the author on Quibblo. Anyway:
Alright. So, the author, Jenny, is extremely nice and kind and a great writer and I know that she never meant for anyone to start thinking about killing themselves after reading that. And Jenny said that she feels horrible and guilty in a comment, but here's the thing: she shouldn't. Yeah, her story sparked that idea in Innermoka's head. But it's indirect, and therefore not her fault. When someone commits suicide, it's no one's fault but their own. Okay, done with that.

This is my opinion on Innermoka's suicide, or just suicide in general. I posted this in a comment on Innermoka's story about her suicide:
NOOO!!!!! YOU CAN'T KILL YOURSELF, YOU HAD BETTER BE JOKING!!!!! Even though we don't know eachother well, I still care! We all care!!! Suicide is not an option!!!!! I know it seems bad right now, I know. But remember, "someday everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason." Suicide... Well, I'm not going to lie. It's a selfish thing to do. I mean, killing yourself to end the suffering and leave everyone you know and love devastated? No. Please don't.
And this in a separate comment on the same story:
Hey, guess what. My mother is a social worker, and she was just talking to my father about a girl who had attempted suicide. She is going through the same things you did. But now? Now she's getting professional help. She's doing better, living through the struggles even when the days aren't the brightest. And she's going to make it. She has realized that suicide isn't the answer. Life is not something to quit on. You can't just give up.

After reading that story, I posted this on her profile:
DON'T YOU DARE SUICIDE!!!!!!!! If you die... I can't bear to think of what the people who know and love you must feel, because I'm basically crying right now and I don't even know you.
Please. Don't go.

On the "goodbye Innermoka" thing I posted this:
I posted a whole motivational pep talk on that story, as did others. I suppose it didn't shake her. I was crying. She was so happy and full of life, and now... Basically her reason for suicide was allergies and a fight with her parents. I'm not gonna lie and I've said this before, that's stupid. Stupid and selfish. She ended her life over this little thing, and left all the people she loved to grieve. Suicide isn't the answer. She, and the people she loved, will never rest in peace.

See? I'm not sugarcoating my opinion. That's honestly what I think. When you commit suicide, it isn't natural. That's not the way a human is supposed to die. You might say, "well then why do people do it?" my response is you tell me. Okay? I don't know. I really don't know why anybody would want to die, and that is because I am lucky enough to never have gone through these things that make people so... depressed. And ready to kill themselves.
When you kill yourself, it's not doing any good for anybody. It's doing even more harm. Always think before you act, that goes for everything. You might not have thought about the bright future that lays ahead of you, and what would happen if you would just keep on living.
When you kill yourself, you don't rest in peace. The guilt, all those feelings inside of you, must gnaw at you until... Well, I don't know. No one does. Now, I'm not saying you'll go to HelI for committing suicide, that depends. But it's a horrid thing to do, and to impose upon your loved ones. They now have to live without you and know, every waking moment, that you're never coming back. Never.

Well, there's my rant, if you even read it all. I appreciate it. Comment with your opinion, please.


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