Poems By Me!

These are all my poems that i come up with. This only for fun. I know they suck,but please no rude comments. Hope you enjoy them! :)

Chapter 2


It takes over my life and feeds off of me till i'm nothing
It hurts the one's I love. It hurts me
When it takes over it never lets go till I give in
And it slowly makes it harder to live

The pain hurts to much I just want to end it all
So I grab the knife as I slit it pass my wrists
Blood drip, drip, dripping on the floor
I keep cutting till my arm is colored in crimson and the skin gone

A river of tears flooded my eyes as I took one more cut and saw that white light
I run towards it hoping to find comfort
At the end I find myself to be consumed by the darkness
And nothing more

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