Poems By Me!

These are all my poems that i come up with. This only for fun. I know they suck,but please no rude comments. Hope you enjoy them! :)

Chapter 1


This poem is for my grandfather, who passed away Friday April 27, 2012 at 10:30AM El Salvador time, after a year long battle with cancer. Te extrano tanto abuelito(I miss you so much grandpa)

I'm fading away
into the dark
never coming back

looking at the dreadful faces
I start to cry
I wish this was not my final goodbye

I remember the cheerful memories
before I was in all this pain
I used to be so alive

now all I can do is wait
wait for the sweet embrace of death
at least this way I'll no longer bare the pain

I know you'll miss me
but I'll still be with you dear
as you keep living on

I'll watch over you like an angel
until the day you come over to my side
farewell my dear, I will love you forevermore

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