Sunshine Makes Me Happy (A Harry Potter Love Story)

Hey, my name is Grace Brighton and I love the forests, the summer breezes tickling my arms, and Harry's loving green eyes. You know who loves me though? His name is Draco Malfoy. We are polar opposites but you know what they say...opposites attract. Or do they?

Chapter 1

Fix It

by: mgrace72
I was talking to Hermione about Ron when the coin in my pocket began to burn with warmth.

"He is just so frustrating you feel that?"

"Yeah, it seems we have yet another DA meeting with Harry." I gulped and my heart beat faster.

Hermione gave me one of those all knowing looks and grinned, "You need to tell him how you feel sometime. Honey, he's been making googly eyes at Cho Chang for ages now and it's only a matter of time before he tells her how he feels."

"That makes me feel loads better Hermione, thanks a ton." I said sarcastically.

"You're prettier than her." She fingered my bleach blonde hair. How could he like me with my stupid freckles and mucky brown eyes. I rolled those mucky eyes at what Hermione said and put my books away into my sachel.

"And you're smarter than any girl in the whole castle you deserve Ron!" I proclaimed. She deserved better really.

"Thanks Gracey. You're a good friend."

"That's how I roll baby. Now come on we should go get changed for the meeting." I laughed and snorted which made us both laugh harder.

When we got to the commons room I stopped infront of my stuicase and frowned ruefully. I opened it slowly and Hermione held her breathe in anticipation. When it was opened all the way she oohed and awwed like I'd expected which made my smile grow even bigger. I did have an impressive wardrobe what with my designer sister and all. I pulled out a couple tops and some jeans, an assortment of jewels and even a couple dresses to choose from.

"I love you." Hermione said as she ran her hand over one of the silky dresses.

"No, you love that we're the same size." She retuned my smile knowingly and we plundged into the clothing.

"This will make Ron drool over you and in the good way."

"What is that supposed to mean?" She looked like she was trying to say something witty but the dress was just making every thought zap into oblivion.

"It'll make him speechless and dumbfounded- well more than he already is." I added with a small chuckle. She looked at me like she didn't know whether or not she wanted to punch me or give me a hug. I wrapped my arms around her before she could choose the latter and then paused to look in the mirror.

I had pulled her hair into a curly, messy bun, done her makeup up really good. It made her eyes look pretty and almond shaped. Her lashes were long and her lips were soft and plush. Very kissable for mister Ronny-poo.

"Thanks so much Grace! You finished just in time too, five minutes till the meeting."


"Five minutes. What's wrong...oh I'm so sorry. You spent all you're time on me and not yourself." I smakced my own head in frustration. Why was I so stupid.

"What am I gonna do?!" She suddenly had a look of determination on her face that I couldn't help but find contagious. "What's goning on in that pretty little head of yours?"

"Stand back." And with that she pulled out her wand. I felt somewhat cold all of a sudden. With her wand I felt a wet chill cover me head to toe and had to bite my lips to keep from squealing. In the mirror I caught a glance of the wind spouting from Hermione's wand and onto my hair. It dried wavy and soft, rather than smooth and straight like I usually had it. Then she grabbed a small dress from the pile. It was one of my favorites with the purple, red and yellow floral patterns. I put on a pair of gold flower earings, and some purple eyeshadow to match the dress's tones. I also put on a pair of Toms and lastly, the beloved necklace Harry gave me.

I remembered when he gave it to me for my birthday this summer like it was yesturday:

"Hya Harry." I said with a smile dancing on my lips. He grinned at me and walked closer. Very close. I dropped my smile for a moment in confusion but he didn't notice because he was to busy pulling a small parcel from behind his back.

I tilted my head to the side like a little puppy and stared at his green eyes. "What's that?"

"It's for your birthday." Sunlight streaming through the window made his eyes sparkle even more than usual and I stepped closer still now. I was curios by the way my stomach suddenly flipped and my heart clenched. Harry Potter was my friend, one of the best. I have always admired him but that was when I suddenly felt.....different...

I sucked in a breathe quickly when he pulled out the beautiful gold deer on a golden chain. "It's gold like your eyes and-"

"It's your potronus!" I put my hand on the antlers and recognized the familiar shape.

"I don't know why but I thought you'd like it. And that it'll remind you" He said that last word quietly and high pitched. I smiled and threw my arms around his kneck. He gasped a bit in suprise but I didn't really care. I was too busy thinking how amazing he was and how weird this was and how he was so cute and how that was completley absurd and how that one necklace had just changed how I felt about him.

Ever since then I'd liked him. I'd realized how much I wanted to run my hands threw his dark hair and make it even messier. How much I wanted to hug him again. How mad I was that I went with him to the ball as a friend. And nothing more...How I had said how dorky he looked and how I really wanted to go with Dean Thomas at first but he was too afraid to ask me. I wanted to dance and he didn't. I shouldn't have bugged said any of thos things but should've just grabbed his hand and rested my head on his shoulder instead.

I sighed...

"What? You don't like it?" Hermione asked sounding hurt.

I broke out of my revery and shook my head no, "You did great Hermione. I'm just nervous."

"You don't have time to be nervous hun' we gotta go." I looked at my watch and gasped.

"We'll be fashionably late?" I said guiltily. She just laughed and we headed out the door.

I ran in my dress as if I was in jeans and ratty tennis shoes. I smiled at the first years who looked at us stunned. I pulled Hermione behind me, grasping her hand like if I let go she'd disappear for good. We moved silently threw the corridors untill we stopped infront of the Room of Requirement doors. I looked at Hermione and sqeezed her hand reasuringly. I thought as hard as I could, I need this. I need to fix what happenned at the ball, what didn't happen on my birthday. I need Harry and I need to get to him! The door appeared quicker than it ever had before and hermione chuckled in disbelief.

I put my hand on the cold brass nob and on the count of three pulled it open to reveal the many surprised faces behind it. One....Two....Three...

Grace's outfit;

Five Comments Please Guys. I was just writing this cause I was really bored and I don't really plan on finishing it. If you like it though, comment and I'll keep going and make it one of my regular stories.

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