Born to Die, Bred to Kill (A Cato/Clove Love Story)

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

The Blonde Boy


"Stop! Give it back!" I shrieked. At ten years old, I had been training hard at knife-throwing.

"Your knife?" the tall, blonde boy chuckled. "What were you doing with a knife in the first place?"

"What else? Training!" I responded with an attitude. I had a fierce look on my face.

"Can't blame you for that," he laughed, throwing the knife back at me. I caught it quickly by the handle.

"Careful," I grunted.

"I'm Cato," the blonde introduced himself.

"Why don't you be Cato over there?" I angrily pointed far across the meadow. I didn't want to make friends with this guy.

"Relax! I deserve some respect!" Cato said cockily.

"Psh. You deserve as much respect as Districts 11 and 12 do. Now bye!" I grabbed my equipment and ran back home, leaving Cato to stand alone.
~~~~End of Flashback~~~~

Clove Sevina, that's me. Sixteen years old. I stood in front of my mirror. I had grown to be "as feisty as ever," people would say. With my ponytail held high and a small scar on my arm, I looked like I had been fighting.

"Clove! Get down here now!" my mother screamed impatiently. I closed my eyes, angry too, and yelled back, "What?!"

"Do not yell like that! Listen to me! Get down here!" my mother shouted. I kicked her bed and stomped down the stairs of her big house. "And do not give me that attitude!" my mother added.

"What is it? Mother?" J sarcastic-innocently asked. My mother narrowed her eyes menacingly.

"Your sister, Amber. Her birthday is coming up. December 19th?" she said.

"This is what you wanted to tell me?"



"Amber wants her party at the ballroom you used for your thirteenth birthday. Can you help set it up?" she asked in a more gentle voice.

"Okay, fine," I replied. "When?"

"Her birthday is in exactly a week, so it's best you start today. Or tomorrow," my mother said.

"I've got training in thirty minutes, Mom! It has to be tomorrow" I insisted. She shrugged and muttered, "Whatever." I walked back upstairs.

I never had a very close relationship with my mother, like the other guys and girls at school. Even twelve-year-old Amber liked Mother.

If only my father could come from business at the Capitol. I had not seen him for almost three years.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Sighing, I collapsed on my bed. Before I knew it, my mother called me down again.


I sat upright, clenched my fists, and swiftly ran down the stairs again. Who was at the door? When I went to see who it was, a groan escaped my lips.

Cato, the boy in every one of my classes. The one who took my knife years ago. The impatient, strong, blonde with blue eyes that all he girls adored. "I'm not very happy being here either. But my mother told me to give you these," He handed my mother some papers, then waved at her. I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

But I had to admit, he was quite handsome. 

"Thank you, um--"

"Cato," I said to my mom.

"Thank you Cato. Goodbye!" she said, shutting the door softly.

"What's up with the papers?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing. It's just information on who's coming to Amber's party!" my mother replied.

"What, it the whole district coming?" I joked sarcastically.

"No, but Cato is, and he's helping us plan it," she said.

"Cato's coming?" I said through slightly gritted teeth.

"Yes, why?"

It would be hard to explain, so I just said, "I don't know... I guess I'm just surprised. I thought it would be just a family party. I don't mind though..." I walked back to my room before she could question.

If Cato was coming, that would mean a lot of wide-eyed girls and maybe some trouble. The thought of Cato dancing at Amber's ball party made me laugh at loud, but then remembered that she would have to dance too.

Oh well. If I had to go through this, he would have to too.

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