The Modern Snow White (For Pretty_Me's Contest)

Chapter 1

Snow white

by: Gymdogs
I woke up hearing my brother George screaming at my brother Donald. George was always mad, and mean, but Donald was basically the leader of us 8 teens. Oh sorry, let me introduce us. There's Donald (Doc), George (Grumpy), Sean (Sleepy), Harry (Happy), Barry (Bashful), Denis (Dopey), Sage (Sneezy), and me Sarah.

I'm the only girl, and in fact I'm not even related to them. But I still call them my brothers. Harry found me passed out in the school gym. The last thing I had remembered, a man well the man my step mom used to date. But anyways I was walking threw the gym, when a man walked up to me with a gun. "Sarah, turn around" I heard. I looked over my shoulder "Sarah run now" I heard. I ran away, all the way back home. "Jack? Did you do it?" my mom asked. "OH SARAH!" My mom said when she came around the corner. After a while I went back up to the school. And I found Jack dead, in the gym. And that was the last thing I remembered.

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