Don't Break My Heart (Greyson Chance)

Don't Break My Heart (Greyson Chance)

My first GC love story.Sorry if it sucks. Story takes place in 2012 February.Add me if you want to know when it updates! A/N's will be inbetween chapters sometimes.

Chapter 1


Patricia Lyiana Smith
Bday: April 21 1997
lives: edmond,oklahoma
best friend: sara mendoza
nicknames: Trish,Patrish
crush: greyson
Enemies: lauren westphalen, alli simpson
Likes: harry potter ,taylor swift, one direction , greyson chance
Dislikes: the disgusting stuff. You know what i mean.
Looks:long layered brown hair and brown eyes. 5"4
family: ari-older sister
Past: dad died in a car crash in 2003, mom is working abroad (sp?) since 2005 and house burned down in 2006. I live with Sara with Ari.

Ariana Aileen Smith
Bday: May 21 1995
lives: Edmond,Oklahoma
best friend: sara and patricia
nicknames: Ari
crush: none
enemies: lauren and alli because of her sis.
likes: harry potter, taylor swift and greyson chance
Looks: pixie-cut red (dyed) hair (originally black), brown eyes, a little freckles and 5"6
family:Patricia-younger sis
past: [same as patricia's]

Sara Chloe Mendoza
Bday: February 27 1997
best friend: patricia and ari
nicknames: sara
crush: none
enemies: lauren and alli
likes:harry potter,taylor swift,one direction,greyson chance,vocaloid etc.
dislikes: twilight, self-harming,"it" etc.
looks: short curly black hair, blue eyes and 5"2
family: [has an older sister but doesn't know.]
past: a magical childhood.grew up with hp and best friends with patricia.

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