Losing Family (For MillicentMellark's Conest)


Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Gymdogs
September 28th, 2008

(Don't actually remember the date)

I was just one month till my birthday, my mom had just called me and my brothers into her work office. "Were gonna go see Nana in December" my mom said. My Nana is my mom's grandma. So she is my great grandma, but we call her Nana.

She was very old, she was in the news paper a few times back when World War II was going on. But she wasn't anymore since she was in a nursing home. She was very old, and we knew she wasn't gonna make it to much longer. But we all still loved her.

My mom tells me stories about how she used to, dance and cook. Back then in 2008 I was young, and I never really understood why my mom told me all these stories.

I always loved learning about her family history, it was just so neat to know what had happened to my great grandma.

September 29th 2008

I had a sleepover with my brother that night. I woke up hearing are phone ringing, I heard my mom start choking on her words, like she was about to cry. That's when me and my brother thought that maybe Nana died.

"Michael, Matthew, Miranda. Come here" My mom said when she got off the phone, my brothers and I ran to are parents room.

"Guys, that was Aunt Cathy on the phone" (My mom's aunt) my mom said. A bunch of things scattered threw my mind.

"Nana died last night in the Hospital" right as my mom said those words, my heart broke into two. I know I didn't know her very well, but at that moment. I finally realized why my mom told me all those stories about her.

My mom and dad started crying, but my brothers immediately left the room. I stayed with my parents, and started to get teary eyed.

The whole day, I thought about my Nana, how painful the next few days were gonna be, and they really were.


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