Modern Alice.....(For Reyna's Contest)

Hello & welcome to my first story ever to be entered into a contest. It is for Reyna's Contest on a Disney Princess. ^_^
So, I chose Alice in Wonderland! I know its been redone to death, but I love it so much! Enjoy my terrible writing! XD

Chapter 1

Alice Whytail, Modern Alice

by: Cozy_Glow
The bell rang for class to start & I quickly stumbled through the mass of kids, trying to get to class. The little kids are what scared me, I thought I'd tread on them, but the bigger kids would do the opposite to me. As I weaved through the mass, dodging little kids & big ones, I finally made it to class. My friend, Oz, was waiting against the door.

"I thought you'd never get here, Miss Alice Whytail" he laughed, holding up a small present. "Lucky you did or I'd have to give this away!"
I gently took it & unwrapped it. "A notebook?! You shouldn't have!"
"Too bad!" he smirked. "After all, I do enjoy your fantasies!"

Before I could land a punch on his arm, a sub strolled up & unlocked the door. Oz grinned broadly at me, jeering silently: 'Saved by the sub!' I sat with him & while the teacher was busy, I slapped his leg. He loved himself to death & pretended to cry. I couldn't give a damn to him.
History wasn't my favourite class, neither was anything really, except writing class. Oz wasn't very into writing, but he tagged along with me, but that's because he forced me to do history with him. Dumb Oz Cooper...
A shadow suddenly leared over me & I realised it was the crabby sub. I smiled up at her, but she didn't smile back; just frowned.

"Alice, what are you doing?" she scowled. "Slapping another student is bullying behaviour!"
"I didn't mean to intentionally harm him" I replied, trying to sound nice. "All I meant was friendly fun!"
"Not in my class!" she snapped. "You can come back for after school detention!"

I gave a frustrated sigh as she stormed off. Dumb sub. Oz was holding in his laughs, trying to not get himself into trouble as well, the goody-two-shoes. I took out the little notebook & smiled. It was cute with its design. Almost magical.

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