How Amazing The Hunger Games Are. A Chain Story of Different Reasons as to Why they are so incredible. :D

How Amazing The Hunger Games Are. A Chain Story of Different Reasons as to Why they are so incredible. :D

Chain story all about how amazing the Hunger Games are... from a whole bunch of different views. Each author will add their own reasons as to why they thought it was so incredible... :DD

Chapter 1

I would die without the Hunger Games

Hunger Games is incredible. I love them so much that I'd die if they didn't exist. Literally. I cry and scream when I see anything to do with them and there are no words to describe how I feel about them. They are practically my reason to live. You know how Katniss says that Peeta's arms were the only things that kept her sane when she had her nightmares? Well that's pretty much how I feel about Hunger Games (and Peeta of course). Hunger Games just has so much meaning...

Reasons why it's so incredible:

The Characters:
Katniss: is just such a strong female heroine, you don't see that to often. I think she's pretty amazing.

Peeta: is just so incredibly sweet. While I know some of you would argue that he's too perfect or usless, but to me he's one of the best things about the series.He is not useless either. He is just so... oh you know. And the way that(In the first two and at the end sort of of Mockingjay..) no matter how sad the scene, he could always make it better, like if it was really sad and you were crying, he would say something that'd cheer up the other characters and you couldn't help but smile... I though that was pretty incredible

Gale: is so... interesting. He just adds a whole new level to the leading boy characters. Like the way he sees things is very interesting and I love how you see what he thinks through what Katniss sees him do and such...

Haymitch: Whilst he's a drunk and really really frustrating, he is one of those characters you can't help but like. I find it intriuging, the way he sends messages to Katniss in the first arena and how deep down, under the drunkeness and waste, he is still very smart and one of the very very few who undertstood Katniss.

Prim: She was just so innocent and she just made some parts nicer or cuter..

Rue: She was so young and sweet and really at her death was when you realize the power the Capitol has and how wrongly they use it...


I guess that's a few of the reasons why I love them and the things that make them so incredible... I have a lot more to say but I'll leave them to the other authors.

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