Paranormal ( For Jordy's Contest )

Chapter 1

Paranormal 1

I wake up in my bed, breaking the grasp of my hand on a soft blanket.
Like a flower blooming, I raise my arms and yawn until I'm fully awakened.
The lab seems busy today.
I get up, and put on the small grey dress that's called our uniform.

Feeling uncomfortable, i walk towards my destination for today's training.
Every kid in this facility starts to walk in two strait lines. One line for the girls, and one line for the boys. " Supermen and women please take your assigned seats. Attandance is key before we start the first morning session", a women says over a speaker. I sit in a square, silver chair that hurts my upper back.

It's the first day. The first day of the start of a revolution. A revolution that could change everything. Turning human into.........positevly.........unlike something you could ever find.

I'm not a normal fourteen-year old girl. I'm quite the opposite. Sometimes you can see me. Other times you can't. Sometimes you can hear me. Sometimes you can't.

Sometimes people call me regular.

Sometimes Superhuman.

Other times, people call me...........


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