In Romanian suflet means soul. In this story there will be these creatures called Suflets that steal your soul, but it doesn't mean they're evil. Yes, its sort of like vampires but with your soul instead of your blood. Once a Suflet has your soul they can control you and you can't have it back unless someone kills the Suflet that took yours. When they take it you act like yourself but your soul is asleep. The more souls a Suflet has the more powerful they are.

Chapter 1


Sorry didn't have anymore room in the intro, but they also can be invisible like ghosts, but unlike them Suflets can reappear. There are about 1,000 Suflets in the world and the protagonist's name is Vrea Crina originally, but she changes her last name many times.
Also you should do Jordan's contest too!
Enjoy :)

I don't have many memories. You'd think I would since I was alive before they 'discovered' the Americas. But I don't. Luka taught me this trick on how to block them out, so I suppose they're there, but I can't look at them, nor do I want to.

Travis, a fairly new Suflet, is haunting with me. Some people see us, while others are oblivious. The ones with the Gift keep their head down with wary eyes as we pass. The Gifted are the hardest to steal and you need a plan before hand if you really want one. Tonight we're heading for one of the famous and packed clubs. I glance down at the skimpy black and red dress Travis said would have all the guys coming to me.

We slip past the bouncers and only reappear once we're in the thick of the crowd. A few people jump in surprise, but we blend in quickly and split up. Luka was right when he told me New York would be crawling with the glowing. The ones with the brightest souls made you feel the best and gave you more power.

I searched through the crowd till a found the bar. A few seats away there was a man who looked no older than twenty and was nursing a bottle of vodka. He looked trashed, but his soul practically lit up the room. I slid into the seat next to him and said, "Bad night?"

"Bad year is more like it," he scoffed then turned to look at me. "Haven't seen you around here before," he noted with a tinge of suspicion.

"My uncle is the owner," I lied. "I just moved here from California with my brother."

He frowned. "You don't look tan."

I rolled my eyes and tried to act more like the girls I'd seen on the streets the past couple of nights. I put my hand on his shoulder and said suggestively, "Listen, I came here to have fun, and I bet you can show me how to have fun."

"I can," he said with a sly grin. "But that doesn't mean I will."

"Hard to get, get's boring you know," I told him, then slid off my stool. "Come find me when you can't find a better companion then your drink," I called back to him as I slid back into the dancing crowd.

I wasn't half way through when I felt a hand grab my shoulder.

"Not so fast," he said with more soberness than I was expecting.

I smiled. "Then follow me." I took his hand and led him through a back door and into the ally way.

"Out here?" He glanced around.

"Why not? By the way I never got your name. Mine's Vrea," I said as I helped him out of his jacket.

"Cool name. I'm Jack." Then he pulled me close and brought my lips to his.
I savored a few moments more; being this close to a blinding soul could get any Suflet excited. But when his hands started to go up my dress, I reached up to wrap a hand around his neck. There was an energy point where the spine and the neck connected and that's where I had to place my finger. Jack was inches away from exposing my upper body when I found it and he suddenly went still.

"What are you doing?" He choked out, his hands falling limp to his sides.

"It only hurts for a second," I promised as I felt the bliss of his essence pouring into me. I didn't want to draw this out and cause him more pain than he needed, but he felt so good....

When I opened my eyes and let him go, his eyes were as blank as paper. With a sigh I instructed, "Okay, do what you normally do from now on, but always obey as I command. You won't remember this moment at all. Do you understand?"

His face came back to life but his eyes stayed the same. "Yes, I understand."

"Go back to the bar," I said and waved him off. Once he was gone I fixed my dress and hair, then texted Travis I'd be done early for the night. Again.

I quickly faded away and headed towards Central Park. As I walked I filtered through Jack's memories. He'd had a great life full of promise and hope, but then he met her. Who he had believed was the one. As it turned out they dated for four months and then she'd stolen the numbers on his credit cards and wiped clean his bank account. The only thing left had been the money his bank wouldn't let him touch till he was twenty five. The day after she left the country without a trace, leaving Jack heartbroken. She hadn't changed him; he had still been a kind and caring guy, but after that he had a hard time trusting people.

I shook my head in dismay. Why were the brightest always pulled down by the dim?

When I found the park I quickly took the painful high heels off and wiggled my toes between the damp grass. I wished I couldn't still smell the car exhaust, but it was better than what I was doing before. As I sat down I flipped to one of the good memories I'd taken from a woman about fifty years ago.

Her name had been Mary and she was with her soon to husband Frank. Everything felt right and she was completely content. They were sitting on his porch swing and holding hands. When he pulled her close she closed her eyes and the emotions running through her were too exhilarating to describe.

Are you happy? Frank asked her.

With you, always, Mary responded with a loving smile. He kissed her then and it was like the world disappeared and all that was left was the two of them. She didn't even see the small looking teenager with long black hair watching them. The girl that was haunting her.

With a heavy sigh I pulled out and came back to the chilly night air. There were too many lights on to see the stars, but the moon was big and full tonight, lighting up the sky.

Guiltily biting my lip I thought, how is it possible to feel extremely good, but terrible at the same time?

I never stole more than one soul a day, but it still made me feel horrible inside. It was easy to forget that the soul's memories weren't your own, but you did take even their very last one. The moment that you were about to take them.


I turn around to see Luka, my mentor, walking towards me.

"What are you doing here?" He asked with his deep, rich voice.

"I could ask you the same thing," I responded, turning back around.

As he took a seat beside me he asked, "I thought you were out with Travis haunting?"

I shrugged. "I got a blinding one tonight."

"That's excellent. How did they feel?" Luka asked in his always curious voice. He loved learning, especially through another's experience. That was why he was one of the most powerful Suflets. He immediately blocked out the last memory and could spend months analyzing a soul he'd taken that he'd found 'fascinating'.

"Afraid," I muttered.

"Vrea," Luka sighed like I was being a party pooper or something. "You know what I meant."

I pursed my lips for a moment then said, "Amazing. It made me feel warm all over and I remember what it felt like to be happy. Though when I found him, he didn't look so happy."

"Sounds delicious," he commented, making me shudder.

"They're not food, Luka," I glowered at him.

"To our emotions they are. We can't feel without them, you know," he reminded me.

"I do," I whispered.

"Excuse me?" He turned to fully face me now, a dangerous look in his eye.

"Nothing good," I said quickly. "Just guilt."

I heard him breath a sigh of relief. "Really? You shouldn't feel anything but the glow after only an hour. Strange, has this been happened before?"

I nodded.

"Vrea! Why haven't you told me?" He exclaimed.

I looked away. Why hadn't I told him? "I didn't want you to worry," I lied.

Luka shook his head, entirely exasperated now. "Well, you should've told me sooner. Guilt is the gateway feeling. Once you start feeling hope and passion..." he shuddered, "who knows what could happen."

"Well can you fix me?" I asked, impatient now that he was worrying me.

"I can't, but I know what will." He stood and after wiping dirt off his jeans held a hand out to me.

As I took it and he hoisted me up I asked, "What is it?"

Luka frowned. "A radiant Gifted."

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