Life's Too Short

Chapter 5

Chapter Five

"You just killed my dad..."
"Yeah, whatever, look, can you hurry up, you're really slow!"
"You just killed my dad."
"I think we've already established that, honey."
"And why do you keep calling me that?!"
I shrug. "I don't know your name, do I?"
"It's David."
"I didn't ask what your name was."
David is exceptionally irritating. He can't run for longer than about ten minutes, and he keeps tripping. Stupid unskilled twat...
BANG. That'll be another gun that he's dropped....
"Hey, excuse me? Miss?"
"Zara," I correct.
"I didn't ask what your name was," he cheeks, grinning.
"You seem to forget that I have many weapons and would be all too happy to kill you right now."
"Sorry. Zara. Can we stop now? I'm really tired," he pants, struggling to keep up. I stop abruptly and he careers into my back. Quick as a flash, I have him facing the opposite direction, my knife at his throat.
"Zara!" he chokes indignantly.
"Never do that again," I hiss. "Ever."
"F-fine," he chokes out. "Just let me g-go!"
I release him, and he staggers away, clutching his neck.
"I thought I told you that I was being chased by an assassination Agency?"
"You did, but-"
"I thought I told you we had to get far away?"
"Well-yeah, but we're pretty far away-"
"Regardlessof how far up you are, when you reach the top, you keep climbing," I say. I push him in front of me. "Go."
"This is stupid, anyway," he mutters. "You can't outrun an army...It's impossible."
"It's always impossible," I point out. "Until it happens."
"Yeah, whatever," he mutters. I poke a gun between his shoulder blades.
"Move. Now."
And he starts up a slow trot, moving faster and faster as I press harder with the gun.

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