Life's Too Short

Chapter 2

Chapter TWO!!!! XD

Evidently, more is wanted=] Thanks to anyone who commented=]

I walk out of the woman's house. I still don't know why Don wanted her dead. I just know he did. The woods facing me are pitch black. The sounds of howling wolves fill my ears, but they don't affect me. Fear is for the weak. Not for the strong.
Most people would be tripping, falling over themselves in this forest; but not me. I am perfectly composed. I've trekked these woods thousands of times, climbed over countless fallen trees and shot countless animals posing a threat to me. Amid the black silhouttes of trees, light glints off a window. My first glimpse of the institution before I emerge into a collection of the worlds most dangerous teenagers. Throwing swords, daggers and knives. Edges just missing the younger kids practising in the middle of it all. Most of us hate each other, and wouldn't think twice about killing our best friend. But there are exceptions. Some who wouldn't kill a child no matter what. My best freind, for example. If I thought she was standing in the way of my career, it'd be bye-bye Jody. But if I was standing in the way of her career; she'd let me. She's a pushover, Jody. One of the resons that she's my best friend. When you're in the K Institution, you don't have much choice of friends. Jody's my only one. I am the most deadly of teenagers here. I wouldn't think twice about killing my best friend.
A bell clangs out and the teenagers disperse. Some slipping knives into their pockets, daggers into their socks. It's what we do. You get punished if they catch you. Not for stealing. For being stupid enough to get caught.
I take my time going inside. The forest floor is glittering from the moonlight reflecting off all the knives, swords, daggers and guns. I drop my gun on the ground, go down to pick it up, and come up again with three guns, two daggers and a knife.
I get inside, and make my way to my room. Everyone here has their own room,with a hi-tech locking system because of the constant danger fo us killing each other. Opening a drawer, I drop my weapons in, and leave the room again. I have to find Don, tell him that the job is done and that the woman is dead.
When I get to the office, the door is cracked open slightly. I'm just about to go in and confront him about putting himself at risk like that when I hear his voice, and someone else's, talking about someone.
"...can't risk it anymore, Don," the other voice is saying. "She can't be trusted, not anymore. She's too skilled. What if she leaves us?"
Don sighs. "Sorry, Jake," he says. "She's our best. But I understand now. Of course she must go. We need her dead. But who to do the job?"
"Jody, maybe?" Jake says. "She's her best friend, Zara trusts her."
Don laughs. "If Zara trusts anyone, I'll eat my hand. We need someone she doesn't know, someone she won't be expecting. One of the new ones."
"Hmmm.... What about Casey? She's new here, transferred from America. Zara won't know her, and she's old enough to be skilled enough to catch Zara."
"Catch?" Don laughs cold-heartedly. "Zara won't even see this coming. She's good, but not that good."
My legs are shaking beneath me, but I force my self to run. Into my room, grab the weapons I have stashed away. Keep them on my person in ways that Don showed me how to all those years ago, when I was six and abandoned in the woods. I run out of the Institution and out into the cold, black night, because that girl they were talking about, Zara, the one who's too skilled and must be disposed of... Is me.

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