Life's Too Short

Chapter 1

Chapter One

"Drop the gun! Don't do it! No...! Don't"
But I ignore the plea's. They're just empty words, I think, as I pull the trigger and send a bullet straight through her chest. Already turned away when her dead body hits the floor, blood pouring from her chest as her heart obediently pumps her life away. Quick and clean, that's how I do it. No waiting around, no torture of missing the heart and shooting again. And again. And again.None of that. My victims die silently. No mess for me to be traced by.A quick kill and out. It has to be like that. Trained assasins can't afford to be caught. I'm only fourteen, but I have a heart of stone. I might as well be deaf.

Next chapters will be longer, I just have to work out a plan first =] If you want more. Do you????

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