Ship Wars!

This has nothing to do with Star Wars.

Chapter 1


Ok, I got this idea a couple days ago, and I'm going to go with it.

So the whole idea is that I will make one quiz every week, asking you (my wonderful friends/quiz takers/story readers) to choose in between two ships. You'll have one week to answer. At the end of the week, the winning ship will go up against another ship from the same series. This will go on and on until one ship remains. Then congratulations to them, they're the winners.

After I go through a few, I'll have an ultimate ship war, until there's only one left. Then that'll be the Ultimate Ship of Ultimate Ships. Here's a quick example, using the Hunger Games.

I'll make a quiz, titled "Do you prefer Clato (Clove/Cato) or Glato (Glimmer/Cato)?" If I post it on a Monday, you'll have until the next Monday to answer. At the end of that week, the winning ship will go up against another ship. Let's say Clato won. The next one would be "Do you prefer Clato (Clove/Cato) or Fato (Foxface/Cato)?". Then you'd have a week, the winner wouldgo up against another,and yeah.

I know I'm definately doing the Hunger Games and Harry Potter. If you have a request and I've read the book, I'll do that book/series. Ifyou have any questions,reqeusts,or comments, comment below or message me. Thanks for reading!

Annemarie :)


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