B!!tch Poems. x]

This is how my friends are feeling. I'm not going to name you, but you'll know who you are. I suggest leaving them alone, or else you'll have to deal with me. c:

Chapter 3


Sagging those pants like you got swagger,
Boy all your remind me of,
Is that lame song about Jagger.

Sitting at lunch with our bunch,
I see you coming and I just have a hunch.

I know what you'll do,
But no one else
has even a clue.

You tug on my ears,
making my eyes fill with tears,
but you aren't the worst of my fears.

They start to bleed,
but all I can think about,
Is how badly you'll be kneed.

The drop of scarlet,
runs down my neck,
Chase comes to check.

You grab his collar,
and rummage his pockets for the dollars.
What happens when he hollars?

They laugh.
The sarcasm drips from deep down their throat,
riding a stream like a boat.

In the end, who wins?
You do.
What about next time?

Yeah, I'm not sure if this one is the best, but it happened today. Dedicated to Philip, that asshole.

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