All the red (a Fred Weasly antithesis)

This is a writers antithesis, (aka, a different ending) to the end of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, (SPOILER SO DON'T READ ANYMORE IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE ENDING!!!) where Fred (sadly) passes away. in THIS version, he doesn't, and he continues with a normal, happy life after you-know-who dies. But when he meets Avery, a tall lean brunette with piercing big blue eyes, his whole course of life is changed.

Chapter 1

Back home.

by: hokypoky6
I woke up with a start as Mum yelled loudly from downstairs, "Fred and George Weasly you have exactly five seconds to get down here, or I'll...I'll.. I swear I'll do something!" I rolled my eyes. "She's as bloody annoying as Pigwidgeon." George moaned. I laughed. "that, dear Holy one, is an understatement." I replied. he smiled back at me. "Three seconds!" i heard mum call, and i quickly apperated back downstairs. George was fast behind me. Mum looked pleased. Until she looked down at what we were wearing. For george- he drank a few too many firewiskeys last night and had put on Ginny's nightgown. Me? Well, I would just like to be glad I had anything on at all- even if it was just some underwear. Mum's eyes where the size of a house elf's. "on second thought, you two go get dressed!" we looked at each other and with a flick of our wands we had changed. I was wearing a green sweater and George was, well, still wearing Ginny's nightgown. i laughed, "let me fix that," i said, adn with another tap George had changed all right. Only now, he was wearing Hermomie's clothes. Ron looked furious, and Hermonie had gone bright red. George just shrugged and Whispered, Obliviate to Mum, she immedietly looked confused. "What was I saying? oh yes, Fred, George, This is the Telles Family, Their Teddy Lupin's only living family," she said with regret, "This is Jarvis Telles, he works at the ministry with your father.
"this is Irene, she happens to be the transfiguration teacher at hogworts, and this," she said guesturing to a girl in the corner of the room talikng to Harry, she cleared her throat and the girl looked up, "is Avery. She'll be staying with us while her parents go on Holiday." she said polietly. I knew this girl, i had seen her many times at hogworts, mostly in detention. i had only had one class per year with her- potions. not the best bonding class. i had always addmired her guts though, speaking up to Snape like she did...she had actually been my partner third year... the girl smiled back. Her smile was breathtaking. i shook my head to regain my right mind. George raised an eyebrow. i shrugged and walked over to the girl. "hello, the name's Fred Weasly, Best prankster Hogwarts has ever seen." i flaunted. i heard george behind me. "with one exception, of course." "and you are' we both said. she smiled. "Avery Telles, the exception." she laughed and turned to her mother, "I'll go get my things now." I stared after her. what a fire! I can't belive i didn't notice this earlier- she was Amazing! She was a year under me, still in gryfiindoor.... I can't belive we hardly knew each other... "Wait up!" i called after her, and sped out of the house. "what makes you think you're a better prankster than me." she raised an eyebrow, "i dont think, I KNOW. remeber first year, snape has the urge to drink the warts potion? mwa. second year, Dean Thomas decided it would be funny to try and trip me over my robes, the next day I tricked him into thinking the womping willow only hit slytherins. year three, made nick leech think he was dead, and to make sure he stabbed himself in the leg with a pen. year four, your brother put a tac under my chair, remeber that enchanted razor he got when he tried to shave off the beard he had gotton trying to put his name in the triwizard tournoment. year five umbidges pen deicded to backfire.." she continued, "all right maybe you're right up there with George and I, but.. wait YOU where the one who enchanted the razor!? you should have seen Georges face when that thing! Haha!" i laughed. she smiled. "you know Fred, you're not all that bad." she confessed, her blue eyes peircing mine. she soon spung her long dark hair around and walked back inside. George walked over to me and waved his hand in front of my face. "you okay, mate? he give me a second to wipe off the drool." he joked. than snapped me out of it.

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