The weirdest dream I had last night.... :/

Read. Below.

Chapter 1

My dream....

Okay so last night I had a really weird dream about all my friends on Quibblo.... I think I go on here too much... Haha..

Basically I went to college, and the new friends I made were like talking about the internet or something and then quibblo just like came out in subject, then we all realized we had one when we were in high school, and if we remembered our username we told eachother, and realized that we were like all best friends on the website, before we even actually met eachother....! How crazy is that!? Its like weird... And then I had another dream where like there was a quibblo convention somewhere, and everyone that had a quibblo in the world came to this like one area, and had a piece of paper stuck to their shirt that had their username and nickname printed on it so everyone could see who you were... And it was like meeting someone for the first time, but technically you sorta knew them.... Ya know...? And then when I found my closest friends that I have on here, we totally just hit it right off, and stuff.. It was an amazing, yet creepy dream. And I could imagine some of what you guys looked like because of your picture and stuff... But the other ones... I just kinda... Idk.. Guessed what you looked like.. Haha.

So what do you think of my dreams....? Weird right!


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