Music One-Shots

Okay, I accidentally deleted the last one. You can request but I don't really mind. If you have a special musician you want me to write I can do that. Expect to see One Direction & Panic At The Disco and so many more~!

Chapter 3

Zayn Malik ~ One Direction

My Tattoo

Misty's P.O.V

I glared at Louis as he pulled me around a dress shop "For the last time Tomlinson I don't need to go to the Brit Awards with you guys!" He looked at me and said cutely "You have to come because your one of our inspirations! Harry wants you there too, so do all the others!" I glanced at him "Well I'm not pretty enough for these dresses!" I cried looking at him, he smiled and tucked a piece of my chocolate brown hair behind my ear. Most think that we are an item....that's soo not true. Louis is like my brother, so is Niall, I have one of the biggest crushes on Zayn Malik. "And don't you dare start singing it!" I snapped. He grinned and said "Come on luv, pick a dress and I'll pay for it!" I noticed a few people staring at us oddly. We were in the mall at a store, there were lots of people here. I started to dig my heels into the ground, he noticed we weren't moving and picked me up. "Louis Tomlinson, put me down this instant, people are starring." He laughed and said "Let them, I can't help it. Your just so lite and easy to lift."

I pulled on the next dress that Louis had thrown at me, this one was a beautiful violet. But I didn't like the way any of them looked on me, I walked out with the strapless dress on. He looked up and then said "That looks fantastic! Get that one!" I stared at him and then said "I don't know Lo-"
"Just listen to me, you look like a million bucks!" I frowned and said "I don't see it." He called over to a worker and asked "Ma'am how does she look?" The woman looked at me and said "Brilliant!" I scowled and then looked at my trainers, Louis looked at them too and said "We'll need to fix that." æ„›."
"Hm, again where is it? Come on you can tell me." I looked at him and then said "Erm, I don't know about telling you."

"Lead my finger." I blushed and pulled his hand down to my hip. He blushed and then said "Oh." He then took his hands and cupped my face. His thumbs traced little circles on the apples of my cheeks. He looked at me and whispered "I love you Misty." My pale face reddened and I whispered "Why me?"
"Because you have and amazing personality."
"That's the only thing that's amazing."
"Hey! Stop staying stuff like that! Your beautiful." He didn't even let me say anything, our lips connected softly.

His tongue slowly ran along my bottom lip, I opened my mouth widely. We were kissing in the rain soaked to the bone...and enjoying every second of it. His tongue still tasted slightly like the soda he had drank, I didn't even try for control. I heard a throat clear behind us and Zayn and I jumped "Guys! Its pouring! Couldn't you go inside and make out?" I heard Harry call. We pulled apart and started laughing, we walked up to them and Zayn said "Well, that would be absolutely no fun at all. Did you get kicked out of Mc Donalds? And umm Liam why do you a french fry in you ear?" Liam pulled it out and said "Nah we left to find you two, and the french fry is because Niall over here stuck it in there." We just laughed a little and I hugged Zayn saying "I'm freezing." He laughed and kissed the top of my water soaked head. We walked back to the limo, and sat there. I was shivering and Louis said "Hm, your dress should be okay...maybe. I dunno, I'm a guy." I laughed and said "Wow really?"

We stood in Harry and Louis' apartment again, I sat in my skinny jeans and the shirt I had been wearing earlier that day...but I didn't take off the heels. "What's with the heels?" Liam asked as I stood in the kitchen at midnight eating one of Louis' carrots. "Because, I'm shorter than all of you. Therefor I must wear these to feel of average height." He just chuckled. Zayn, still taller than me, kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear "Hm, I was wondering if I could see that tattoo. At my apartment of course." My face flushed and I craned my neck to whisper "Take it a little slower Mr. Malik." He smiled and kissed the side of my neck. "OH GROSS!" Liam cried walking into the living room. I snickered as he walked away "Well at least stay the night with me, it's raining cats and dogs out there and I don't want you driving in this." I looked at him and then nodded, I walked into the living room calling loudly "Bye you guys!" I skipped out the door with Zayn trailing behind me slightly.

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