Music One-Shots

Okay, I accidentally deleted the last one. You can request but I don't really mind. If you have a special musician you want me to write I can do that. Expect to see One Direction & Panic At The Disco and so many more~!

Chapter 2

Jinxx ~ Black Veil Brides

(Okay, I don't keep myself posted on BVB very well so sorry if I effed up his personality, this is mainly a HUGE monolog)

In The Moment

Jinxx's P.O.V

"I love the way you always kiss me when I get off stage, even though I'm all sweaty. I love when you wake up in the morning and complain about the bright lite in your eyes. You always act like a little kid when your hyped up on sugar it's quite cute. I love that you help me with my makeup even when your tiered, and I am completely head over heels for your personality. You play along with my horrid pickup lines, and laugh at my cheesy jokes, I love that about you also." I paused for breath and looked him in the eye. He was grinning like a fool to what I was saying.

I continued for a few minutes then I slowly started to lean in for a kiss "ACK! Man what are you doing, save it for your girlfriend not me. I may be your best friend but I will not let you kiss me!" Andy yelled in my ear. "Sorry bro, I was caught up in the moment. I gotta find Massi and tell her that I love her." Andy rolled his eyes still a little freaked out.


Sorry that was really short, made me laugh though.

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