Music One-Shots

Okay, I accidentally deleted the last one. You can request but I don't really mind. If you have a special musician you want me to write I can do that. Expect to see One Direction & Panic At The Disco and so many more~!

Chapter 1

Ryan Ross ~ Panic! At The Disco


Ryan's P.O.V

Three Year's Prior

I looked at Stormy as she got ready to leave, the 18-year-old girl was going to live in New York because she had a scholarship for photography. Her long black hair was tied back in a low pony-tail. She stared at me for a moment with her emerald green eyes "I'm gonna miss you so much Ry-Guy!" She cried tackling me with a hug. "Hey I'll always have my phone on whenever you need me, don't worry." She turned to the other guys and hugged my long time friend Spencer who looked sad himself. Brendon picked her up off the ground and squeezed her in a bone-crushing hug. She avoided Brent and walked to the boarding station, I stood there looking out the wall of widows.

I was hopelessly in love with Stormy McClain, her green eyes, her long black hair, her think eyelashes, her large eyes, and as Brendon put it her 'with curves to kill' body. I sat down on the chair and watched as her plane lifted off, Bren set a hand on my shoulder and said "You should've told her how ya felt buddy." I looked up and said "I guess so." I stared at the empty runway and then I heard Brent say "We have to rehearse." I looked over and stood up again straightening out my My Chemical Romance Shirt and followed them out.

Present Time

Stormy's P.O.V

This is what she's wearing~

I was now working for a popular New York magazine, I worked with a portrait studio as well. Sighing I watched the snowflakes fall and stuck to my hair, I was in the abandon warehouse district taking beautiful pictures. I could hear voices, they sounded male and they were coming towards me. I shrugged it off and snapped another picture of a frost covered and cracked window, it was real not something that was polished up to look pretty, it was amazing. I jogged forward and slipped on a patch on unseen ice.

Ryan's P.O.V

I was laughing with the guys as we walked through and abandoned part of New York City, I heard a female scream. We went running I saw a falling girl, I caught her and asked "A-are you okay?" I stammered as she looked up at me. I saw behind her boxy black glasses a pair of stunning emerald green orbs, my own eyes widened and I stammered "St-Stormy?" She stared at me and asked slowly "Ry-Ro?" I felt so ashamed a week after we got on tour my phone fell out of my pocket and got crushed by the bus, I lost everything, her number (which I never memorized) was gone too. "U-uh hi."
"RYAN?!" I heard Jon and Spencer yelling. "Guys I found him....with a girl. Geez man if you had a date you didn't have to bring us along." I looked at him like he was an idiot, which he was but that's beside the point. "Brendon?" She looked at the lead singer in shock. He glanced at her again and then snapped his fingers "Oh~! I would know that 'with curves to kill' body anywhere! Hey Stormy!" I rubbed my temples and said "Your so stupid."

"So! Stormy? Wanna get coffee?" Spencer asked. She looked at Jon and stuck out her half gloved hand and said "I'm Stormy McClain, nice to meet you!" Jon stared at her for a moment and then shook her hand "I'm Jon nice to meet you as well." I smiled at the pair. We walked to the nearest Starbucks, we all ordered coffees and sat down at a table once we grabbed them. "So how's tour?" She asked avoiding my eyes. "It's been really fun." Brendon said over-exuberantly. She started laughing and said "I think the coffee was a bad idea for you mister." He pouted and took another drink of his coffee....triple espresso, oh joy.

"Yeah, so I was trying to get this one photo and the little girl, I was snapping the picture of would not sit still, it was irritating." Stormy laughed. I looked at her as we sat in her large New York townhouse, I looked at the frosty window and said "So you got a pretty good life here huh?" She blinked and looked over at me saying "Yeah, it's an okay living I guess. I still miss the dry and hot air of Nevada, but I deal I guess."
"Oh, that's all you miss?" I asked as I felt my heart shatter. "Why do you care George?" The boys looked at me and then at her, Spencer said "Um were gonna go downstairs and get some stuff from the lobby vending machine."

The door shut and we sat in silence "I miss you." I finally said. She didn't look at me as she messed with the couch. I took her chin still blushing and said "I love you." Her face fell into a state of shock. "Uhum, I erm- UGH!" With that she leaned over and kissed me deeply. The door opened again and then I heard a "YES! FINALLY!" That could have only been Brendon Urie. She pulled away looking over at him. He was holding a soda and a candy bar, I was gonna hate being in a hotel with him tonight.

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