Music Fell On Me.....(A Glee Love Story)

Music Fell On Me.....(A Glee Love Story)

Hope You Like It:))

Chapter 1

Melody Mraz

by: Pretty_Me
Name: Melody Mraz
Age: 16
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black With Light Green Highlights
Fraternal Twin: Harmony Mraz
Likes: Dancing, Singing, Drawing, Reading, Listening To Music
Dislikes: Haters, People Who Judge Her Based On Her Apperance
Bio: Parents are both in the music business. Their dad is a singer, and their mom is a choreographer. She's ten minutes younger, and is the quiet twin. Music runs through heer veins, and there's nothing that can top it. Her family and her move to Lima, Ohio because her mom is opening a dance studio there.

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