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Like I said in the title..... it's for a contest. You should join!

Chapter 1


"Drop the gun! Don't do it! No...! Don't!"
But there was no stopping him. He aimed it at me and didn't even hesitate to pull the trigger. I can still hear him laughing with glee as I dropped to the floor....

Four Hours Earlier ~ 15:34h

The bike ride home from school was faster then it had ever been in my life. I suppose it had to be because I had to babysit in about 10minutes. Today's kid was a cute little boy I've known for a while now. I know it's not something to get too stoked about, but I don't remember a time in my life when I've ever been more excited for something.

In the morning I'd already packed everything I would need for a night with cute little 4-year-old James. He was just the cutest little kid ever!

I barely even stepped foot inside the house before I was out the door and on my bike towards James's house. It took 7minutes to get there, and his parents were out front waiting for me to arrive so they could head out.

I walked my bike up the driveway and parked it next to the front door. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Cameron! I hope you have a wonderful time!" What can I say? I always kiss up to the parents. I shook both their hands and Mr. Cameron said, "He's watching TV. Could you make sure he gets off of screens by about 3:45?" I nodded as his wife chimed in, "Remember, Annie, he's allergic to peanuts and red dye 7! Oh I don't know Stew, do you think they'll be fine? Maybe we should stay...." I shook my head, "You don't have to worry about one single thing Mrs. Cameron, I'm wired for babysitting. I've taken courses and learned CPR and have extensive recommendations and certificates I can produce on demand. I also brought Mozart to play when he's sleeping because leading experts say: 'Mozart makes babies smarter'! And--" Mr. Cameron interrupted me, "Okay, Annie looks like you've got everything handled here. We should go now dear."

I waved as their car disappeared from view and when it was gone, I smirked. I'd even written a speech so that the parents would hurry up and get going. It's not lying! It's just droning on and on and on and on about boring things. Mozart really does make babies smarter.

I walked into the house and found James sitting on the huge leather armchair watching some kiddie TV show. I think this particular brain-fryer was called Bob the Builder. "Hi James!"

He looked up from the screen and his eyes brightened when he saw me, "Annie!" He ran over and wrapped his chubby little arms around me. I bent down and hugged him back. "Do you wanna play a game?" I asked. "YES!" He started jumping around the room. I switched off the TV and beckoned him over, acting like I didn't want to be seen. He instantly caught on to the 'top secret' mode and crept over.

I pulled out a deck of playing cards and showed it to him, "Do you see these cards?" He nodded, looking at them like they were some priceless treasure, "There are 52 of them. The game is: I'm gonna hide them all around the room and you are going to have to bring me all of them..... before the bad guys do!" He gasped just like I thought he would. "Close your eyes..." He did.

I hid the cards in painstakingly easy places around the room, except for one. That one, I hid in my pocket. "Ready, GO!"

James jumped up and started collecting the cards. Each time he collected a new one he handed it to me. After card #51, he spent about 45minutes going around looking for card 52. I know it was mean hiding it in my pocket but it was the classic babysitter trick. He came up to me after a while when I started feeling sorry for him, "I can't find it! Did the bad guys take it?" I laughed and carefully slipped it out of my pocket so he couldn't see it, "No, silly! It's right here!" Brought my hand up to his ear and made it seem like I slipped the card out from behind his ear. We both had a good laugh.

For the next couple of hours, we played many classic babysitter games: Pick Up 100 Pieces of Garbage, Annie Says (my version of Simon Says) and The Freeze Game.

"What can we play now Annie?" I think James was getting really tired so I thought I'd take it easy on him, "How about the Silent Game? We try to see who can be quiet the longest!"

His face brightened somewhat, "My mom loves that game!" I smiled. All moms loved that game.

It took him about three seconds to stay in the game, "Can we play something else?" I sighed. I hated it when the kids caught on. "Okay then. What do you wanna play, Jay?"

He thought for a moment with so much concentration as if it was a life or death question. Then, like turning on a light bulb, he gasped and jumped in the air looking so excited. I could just imagine Einstein shouting "Eureka!"

Spencer ran over to me and whispered his idea in my ear. A smile broke on my face. Ya. I could play this game.

Present Tense ~ 19:34h

"Bam!" James yelled/giggled as his bubble-blower took full affect, washing me in the stuff. I fell to the ground giving a strangled cry and eventually dying a Oscar Awards death. He was applauding as I stood up to bow. We were both laughing so hard we were crying.

I quickly snatched the bubble-blower away from him, "Oh you're in for it now, Mister!" And he squealed with glee as I chased him around the house while I laughed and occasionally shouted things like "Come back you coward!" and "My grandmother can run faster then you!" and "You'll never escape!"

Screw the Silent Game. And screw Mozart. Leave it to James Cameron to have a good time.


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