Becoming A Career (Hunger Games Fanfic)

This is a hunger games fanfiction... well read if you want...
Though I say, this is a Cato love story...

Chapter 1


"It looks good on you." Commented my mom scrupulously. "Only if you let me up-do that hair... you'd look your best."
"But I like it flowing." I protested and held on my hair stubbornly.
"Whatever you think." She said and gave me dis-approving look. She looks at me that way when I become stubborn or rude for that matter.

Lenna Sen, is my name even though' I don't like it. But the most stylish names, here aren't pleasant. Technology and computerizing was our business, and we did learn about it at school. But we didn't involve in them as much as expected.

I walked out the house with my mother, aware that this may be the last time I ever see it. We walked in silence. Me and my mom, both knew the high possibility of me getting chosen. My name was in the Tesserae for 35 times, buying too much medicine for my mom. She was sick, but they didn't care to understand that. Mom was a healer but her sickness was even beyond her skills
I rubbed my mom's shoulders while walking to pass my blood. Our house was very near to the square where they rounded for the reaping and other public announcements. In the crowd of teenagers, I saw Milyenne with a worried look on her face. Somehow I couldn't help hating her. She lives in the nicest part and I even doubted her name in that ball. Her older brother is a Game-maker which means wealth. I always envied her too. For how everybody liked her.

I joined my friend, Berneatha. She wasn't that worried- for herself. As I approached her she hugged me and assured me everything is gonna be OK. I smiled back, sure that it wasn't. As soon as we were all together I saw a woman on stage. I didn't know her. Every year one woman would get chosen to announce and reap.

"She's the woman at the Hob. The one that exchanges beef for gold,Pearl. She's really rich." Berneatha introduced her to me.

I shrugged nervously. Pearl walked to the microphone and said:
"Welcome! Population of District 3, which its programs and connections wraps us, Districts, and the Capitol together!" What a weak quote.

"Now let's not waste any more time as the train is almost here to collect two Tributes from here! I would like to chose the male tribute first." She said, walking over to the ball. She danced her hand in it and picked up a name. She smiled and walked back in front of us.

"Our brave tribute is... Alferred Tinkon." She exclaimed.
Alferred could be the worst to get chosen. Sick father, three younger brothers and dead mother. Although his older brother could help out, but they were poor. He walked to the stage nervously with a little bit of dismay in his eyes, very well hidden. Pearl smiled at him:
"Are there any volunteers?"
Alferred doesn't look at the crowd. People in the Districts are cowards. Eventually nobody does anything. Pearl shook her head:
"Alright, let's get to the other tribute." She sighed and walked to the ball. I kept my breath in nervously.
"Ok, now," She said. "Our female tribute is, Lenna!"
I gasped. But I knew it could be me. I tried to avoid looking at Berneatha. She hissed tensely: "Lenna..." The tear was out of her eyes and I walked to the stage.

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