Ways to Annoy the Harry Potter Characters

BEWARE OF SPOILERS. Don't say I didn't warn you...
Yes, I did write it myself, if anyone is wondering. It's 100% my creation. Well, not the characters, but you know what I mean.
I hope you like it, comments are welcome :3
This was originally "50 ways to annoy Ron Weasley (for Chocolatehorse's contest)" but I added more chapters and changed the name. :)

Chapter 3

20 Ways To Annoy Harry Potter

1) Tell him to ditch the glasses.

2) Say that scars are sooo not cool.

3) Tell him that Ginny and Dean are together.

4) Imitate Peeves. "Potty loooves Loony!"

5) Call him stupid things: Potty, Pothead, Hairy, Scarhead, etc.

6) go up to him and say you're a Death Eater, or that Voldemort is your father.

7) Stick pictures of Ginny, Cho, etc. all around his dormitory.

8) Hide his wand, glasses, firebolt, etc.

9) Show him Twilight.

10) Enchant (another) Bludger to follow him.

11) Replace his Gryffindor robes with Slytherin ones.

12) Sing Ginny's singing valentine while around him.

13) start a rumour that he is going out with Malfoy.

14) Hum Hedwig's theme around him to remind him of that unfortunate day.

15) Cry over casualties. A lot.

16) Repeatedly tell him "your parents are dead" or "you have your Mother's eyes".

17) make him read "Hogwarts: A Revised History" with Hermione.

18) Blame him for random people's deaths.

19) Sympathize with Voldemort.

20) Ask him if you can borrow the Invisibility cloak, then lose it. Do the same with the Marauder's Map, his Firebolt, etc.

Again, suggestions are welcome, you may put them in the comments :)

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