Ways to Annoy the Harry Potter Characters

BEWARE OF SPOILERS. Don't say I didn't warn you...
Yes, I did write it myself, if anyone is wondering. It's 100% my creation. Well, not the characters, but you know what I mean.
I hope you like it, comments are welcome :3
This was originally "50 ways to annoy Ron Weasley (for Chocolatehorse's contest)" but I added more chapters and changed the name. :)

Chapter 2

31 Ways To Annoy Hermione Granger

1) Tell her you know her NEWT grades and she has all T's.

2) Say that Ron would rather date you.

3) Read her diary aloud in the Great Hall. Make sure the Slytherins hear.

4) Tell her she should've been a Slytherin.

5) Whenever she gets mad, ask her if it's her time of the month.

6) Snog Ron!

7) Tell her "that cat" doesn't like her impersonating it. Make her apologize. (COS incident with the Polyjuice....)

8) Repeatedly tell her, in response to all her mysterious questions, an explanation involving someone disapparating out of Hogwarts.

9) Have Rita Skeeter tail her, as a beetle, and "get the scoop on her and Ron's secret romance".

10) Steal her potions notes.

11) Steal all her school skirts and cut them really short.

12) Put a sign on her back that says "I hate house elves". Use a permanent sticking charm.

13) Keep comparing her to a beaver.

14) Repeatedly tell her that she's close-minded and that the Hallows do exist, thank you very much.

15) Make her teach Ron how to use a muggle telephone, computer, etc.

16) Buy her a really ugly dress for her birthday.

17) Copy her whole essay.

18) Tell her she has the emotional range of a teaspoon.

19) Stick my little pony toys all over her dormitory.

20) Ask when she and Draco broke off the relationship- in front of Ron.

21) Style her hair and make it really ugly.

22) Bring her to a muggle tatoo shop and make her get a tatoo with the Dark Mark on it.

23) Call her a mudblood.

24) While she sleeps, move her and her bed into the Great Hall using the locomotor spell.

25) Ask why she hates Harry so much.

26) At Christmastime, when she and anyone are standing next to eachother, run over, stick mistletoe on the ceiling above them, and insist they kiss.

27) Chop her hair off.

28) Ask how many kids she and Ron plan on having.

29) Brew Polyjuice potion to look like her. Do really reckless things that you can then blame on her.

30) Ask her what her parents were thinking when they named her.

31) Ask to borrow her Timeturner.

If you have any ideas, you can leave them in the comments. I'll post them and give you credit. Thanks for reading!

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