Burning Inside( Jacob Black Love Story)

Burning Inside( Jacob Black Love Story)

Name:Emily Parker or Em
Description:5'7 tan skin,dark brown hair,chocolate brown eyes
Live in La Push with parents & little sister. Play piano. Hang out with friends most of the time. Friends names are Melanie or Mel & Christina or Tina. Just got out of a relationship. She's friends with Bella.
Jacob got Bella's wedding invitation and ran away, but instead of going to Canada like it says in the books he went to Port Angeles.

Chapter 1


by: WritezMe
Some stuff I couldn't fit in the intro. You get distracted a lot. Go to La Push High School but never really talked to Jacob even though you've seen him a couple of times. Around this time let's say it's vacation even though school should've started already. School will start in a couple of weeks. I'm trying to go based on the books and reality as much on possible. By reality I mean facts about the school or places they go. Anyways, Enjoy..!!!

It is said that love can heal any wound. That it is worth fighting for, because it's outcome will be much more than what you gave. That it's an undescribable amount of joy. To me, that's all c/r/a/p.
Could it be because I have never TRULY experienced it? All of my relationships have been taken for granted. I've said "I love you" but never truly ment it, and if even if I did, it wasn't meant to be said back.
My train of thought was interrupted. I turned to look at Melanie, who seemed annoyed by my ignorance.
"Are you gonna want anything?" She hissed.
"Oh.. Umm.. Yeah.. Can I have a caramel mocha frappucino, please." I quickly answered befored I started to think about something else like the color of the walls or something like that.
The cashier smiled, pressed some buttons and told us our total.
It being that there's only 2 or 3 Starbucks in Port Angeles( Actually True..!! :O) the place was packed.So, we obviously didn't find a table.
The cashier said Malenie's name out loud and Mel went to get the coffees. She handed me mine and Tina hers. Then we left.
I was looking for my keys on the way out but next thing I knew I on the floor, the coffee spilled all over my WHITE shirt.
"ARGH!!!" I groaned.
I got up while trying to get the coffee of my shirt, if it were even possible.
Now, me being 5'7, I usually have to look straight or down- since most of my friends are short and most of the guys I know are either my size or an inch or two taller.
Out of habit, I looked straight, only to find myself staring into someone's chest.
I looked up to see this familiar, tan kid- well, more like an adult.
If I were to guess, I would say he was about 6'6-6'7. Damn.
Apart from being extremely tall, he had muscular build. DAMN.
He had black hair and brown eyes. His face features were perfect.
While I was examining him, I got a glance of his lips that were curved into a smile, and he chuckled softly. That was when I remembered, I had spilled coffee all over me. Was he laughing at me?! How rude.
I glared at him. I saw his smile disappear and he spoke, " I'm sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." His voice was husky and had a seducing tone in it. The smile he gave me now was apologetic.
"Oh no.. it's okay. I wasn't looking either." I smiled back and fought the urge to flirt with him. I mean after all I had bearly gotten out of a relationship.
It was at that moment when I realized I wasn't alone. Mel and Tina were there. They were literally drooling over him.
I let out a small chuckle and cleared my throat loudly to snap them back to earth.
They quickly straightened their postures and faces, but then suddenly turned tomato red.
I looked at the stranger next to me. He was smiling and trying not to laugh.
"Well it was nice bumping into you," he winked," but I got to go."
I laughed sarcastically, " Very funny... You owe me a new shirt." I teased.
"Yeah, about that..." He said with a smirk on his face, while scratching his head.
I laughed, " Don't worry about it. Its cool."
He smiled and there was a moment of silence, " I ugh... I gotta go." He started to walk away.
"WAIT!!!" I yelled and blushed at how anxious my voice sounded. Definitely not what I intended. I cleared my throat, afraid to speak.
He waited with a smile.
"I never got your name." I said with a lame intent of a seducing tone. It sounded way to shaky.
He smiled again," Jacob."
"Well, Jacob, it's nice to meet you. I'm Emily."
He smiled, turned around and walked away.
I watched him always sticking out from the others even though the distance made him smaller and smaller.

Sooo...... Did You Like Itt.??? Tell Me What You Think..!!! New Chapters Will Be Coming Evry Week... Thank You & Enjoy My Story..!!! :D

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