Please read.... I am crying :'(

Chapter 1


I have this really good friend named Haley. She is very popular, skinny, blonde. THE IT GIRL!!! Anyway, her life is perfect except for at home. Her dad cheats on her mom. So, it was superbowl Sunday, and we were all at Lynzee's house along with Haley's parents. Haley's daddy left early in the game and went home. He called a while later and said ta Haley's momma dont come home. She did anyway to check out what happened, and he had tore up her house. Matresses flipped of beds, couchs pushed toward the wall, tv broke. It's scary. We dont kno where Haley's daddy is..... Please pray for Haley and her family. I kno yall probably think I'm stupid, but this stuff has NEVER happened to me before. So I am kinda scared and sad.... I dont kno wat to do..... PLEASE HELP!!! :"""""(


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