How to annoy Hetalia characters

These are just for fun and I just thought them up off the top of my head.
P.S. This is NOT meant to diss Hetalia! It's my all time favorite show and book!

Chapter 1


by: Hisao
1. Steal his unlimited supply of hamburgers (Better not! This'll most likely kill him!)
2. Tell him ALL his ideas are from this moment, rejested (Not saying he'll listen!)
3. Stamp the Canadian flag on his forehead, give him a little polar bear, (like Canadia from that one episode!) and see if anyone sees him
4. Poke his shoulder every time he says dude and laugh when he gets mad
5. Give him some of Japan's french fries and watch as he screams in fright
6. Trap him in a room with England and see if he can stand it

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