Help Me, I Fell In Love With A Hunter, a Dean Winchester Love Story

Help Me, I Fell In Love With A Hunter, a Dean Winchester Love Story

This is a fan-fic based on "Supernatural" If yo don't know what that is, check it out. It's a TV show currently airing on the CW on Fridays at 8:00.

Chapter 1

The Meeting

“Sam, I’d like you to meet my little sister.” I looked up. So that was Kym’s boyfriend. Nothing to spectacular about him. Okay, I’ll give her that, he is kinda cute.
“Hi, I’m Sam. Nice to meet you,” he said holding out his hand.
I shook it and said, “Jules, nice to meet you too.”
“This,” he said indicating the guy standing behind him, “is my older brother, Dean.”
“Nice to meet you,” I said.
“Yeah,” he said, “you too.”
Kym came back into the room and said, “Time to eat guys.”
We all walked into the dining room where Kit was putting the finishing touches on dinner. “So,” she said, “if everybody wants to take a seat.”
I sat down in my usual place and was surprised when Dean sat down next to me. Dinner started and for the first five minutes it was silent and then Kym burst into my thoughts. “So, what are ya’ thinking about, Jules?”
“Is it really any of your business?” I was the youngest in a family of nine, and got tired when people kept asking me what I was thinking about.
“Well, no not really. But do you always have to be so defensive kid?”
“How about ‘yes’? Can I get out of here Kit?”
“Sure, Jules.”
I took off and walked out of the house. “Hey, sweetheart. Where you goin’ in a hurry?” It was a group of neighborhood teens who usually hung around looking for someone to go to a party and get drunk with.
“None of your beeswax, so buzz off.”
“Oooo, testy. I like that,” said one of them, coming closer.
“Leave me alone.”
“Make me.”
I started walking and they started following me. When one of them reached out to touch me, I had had enough. I kneed him in the gut and then punched him in the face. He was surprised, but the one of the other members of the gang came at me. I gave him a sharp kick in the face (and mind you I was wearing high-heeled, steel-toed boots) and he curled back in pain.
By the time the two had recovered, they had decided that they wanted to go find someone who wouldn’t fight back. They ran off and I turned and walked the direction I had been, when there was clapping behind me.
I whirled around, my hand automatically going to my 9-mil. “Congratulations.”
It was Dean. “What do you want?”
“I’ve never seen a girl take on guys like those and win.”
“Well, I’m not your typical girl.”
“I noticed. Somehow I feel we got off on the wrong foot.”
“Really. And what makes you think that?”
“The fact that your older sisters were standing there watching every move you make.”
“Understatement of the century.”
“Hello,” he said. “My name is Dean Winchester and who might I have the pleasure of talking to today?” he asked making me laugh.
“Juliet Manning but my friends all call me Jules.”
“Do you want to get a coffee?”
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