Tired Of Broken Melodies.....(A Glee Love Story )

Hope You Enjoy:)

Chapter 1

I'm Not Like Her

Name: Sky Lopez
Year: Junior
Looks: Looks Like Shay Mitchell
Sister: Santana
Best Friends: Blaine& Kurt
Dislikes: Rachel&Quinn
Extra: Puck will be a Junior for this story:)
This Would Be Different From The Show!!!!

Ugh, I can still hear my sister's annoying voice. We had just gotten into another dumb argument.
"Hi Sky,"said my best friend, Kurt, as he got stuff from his locker which was close to mine.
"Hey,"I replied half grumpy.
"You know you and your sister are gonna kill each other one of this days,"he said already knowing.
"Maybe, but at least it won't be in vain,"I replied rolling my eyes. I opened my locker, which was full of pictures. I had every glee club member face plastered in my locker, well, almost every glee club member. The only one missing was Quinn, who back stab me really bad.
She slept with the man I once thought I loved and she got pregnant.
"Wooh,"said Blaine coming up behind us,"You have everybody...well, almost everybody."
"Hey,"I simply said with a half smile, as I reached for my math book and binder.
"Don't you just love Algebra,"said Kurt sarcastically.
"Kurt, like I told you before, math is my strongest subject. Plus, your a senior already, you don't take Algebra,"I said closing my locker.
"True, but doesn't mean I ever liked it,"he said closing him.
We have had this conversation over and over again. I can tell it annoyed Blaine.
"Well, if I don't leave now I'm going to be tardy again, and Mr.Hoop is going to give me detention, see you two in Glee Club,"I said as I walked off.
Mr.Hoop has been in my case lately. I've been late for his class the last three days, and he says I'm just like Santana.
I was about to enter the dumb class, but the bell ranged.
"Ah, Ms.Lopez I will see you in detention....same for you Mr.Puckerman,"said Mr.Hoop.
I turned to see Puck standing behind me. Oh great, just what I needed. Two extra hours with the guy that cheated on me.
The rest of Algebra went the same as always.

Finally, glee time! I entered the choir room with Blaine and Kurt. We were laughing at something that happened a day ago. When I turned and looked at the rest they were all with their long faces. And I knew why, Mercedes. She had left tired of Rachel getting everything, like we all are.
"Woooh, it looks as if a great cultural singer has died or something,"said Kurt.
"Might as well, we lost one of our strongest singers. Luckily, we still have Sky, Rachel, and Blaine,"said Mike.
All three looked at each other, we were the strongest singers, but it just didn't feel right.
"Okay, class I know we are all feeling low today, but we've got to move on. So, that's why I decided to make a fun little competition,"said Mr.Shue as he entered.
We all quickly sat down and began to listen.
"We're having another partner off, you guys remember how to do this right?,"he asked. I smiled, I've always like little competitions especially since I always beat Rachel.
"Okay so guys come and choose a name out of the famous hat,"said Mr.Shue.
All the boys,except Kurt, stood up and got a name.
Finn got Santana, Blaine got Rachel, Mike got Brittiney, Artie got Kurt, which only meant one thing.
Puck will either get me or Quinn, which are bad for me.
"The one that doesn't get chosen will get to do her duet with whoever she wants,"announced Mr.Shue as he saw there were two of us left.
"Or maybe not,"said a familiar voice behind Mr.Shue.
"Sam!,"I exclaimed as I stood up and ran to hug him. I've missed him so much, we were getting pretty close before he left.
"Sam are you back?,"asked Mr.Shue.
"I couldn't stay away,"replied Sam with a little smirk.
"Well, come and pick a name out of the hat,"said Mr.Shue with a huge smile.
"Sure thing,"he said as he put his hand in the hat and pulled out a name.
"I got........."..........TBC?

Should This Be A Puck Or Sam Love Story?


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