Fighting for the Memories

Jake- Long black Hair. Gold Eyes with bright red circle lining pupil
Kaylee- Long blond hair. Bright green eyes with gold circle lining pupil. Angel
Sam- Long blonde hair. Bright green eyes with gold circle lining pupil. Angel
Demetri- Long black hair. Black eyes with red circle lining pupil Demon
Kendra- Short brown hair. Black eyes with red circle lining pupil Demon

(Kaylee and Sam are twins, brother and sister)
(Demetri is the Lord of Demons)

Chapter 7


by: Subrina

I sat in the corner of the room, curled up in a ball. The window was next to me, so I could look out it if I wanted. I stood up, opening the window and propping my elbows on the window pane. A cool breeze wafted to me, smelling of flowers. The Demon world knew that I liked flowers. Yes, it knew. You see, the Demon world has a mind of its own. Really, it was Demetri controlling it. The Demon world used to be dark and dull. Now, sun shone through the dark clouds and illuminated the sad city below. Demon came out of their houses to enjoy this rare event. I smiled to myself. The Demon world, and Demetri, had missed me. Yeah, I've been here before. But let's not talk about that, I was trying to put it behind me. But now that I'm here I might as well enjoy it...

I opened my wings and jumped up so that I was crouched on the window pane. My large black wings flew out behind me and someone pointed, gasping. I jumped and started to fly. I felt the wind at my face as I slowly circled the city. The wind was at my back, egging me on. Demetri wanted me to fly again. Why, I didn't know. Oh... because he knew I wouldn't try to escape. Smart guy. It felt good to fly slow... but where was the fun in that? I dove towards the ground, tucking my wings in. People laughed and pointed, enjoying the show. I did flips and flew as fast as I could, which was pretty fast. Faster than any Demon or Angel, even Demetri. Well... maybe faster than Demetri. I would have to test that theory. I landed on a tall roof, panting and smiling. That had all felt so good. Demons below me finally realized who I was, and stopped and stared. Whispers echoed through the city.

"Is that the Angel Queen?"

"No it couldn't be..."

"What is she doing here I wonder?" I didn't blame them. And then I heard an old man shout.

"Queen Sapphire! You have come home at last!" I froze at his words, but looked him full on. He was a tiny old man, waving his hands at me and smiling like no tomorrow. I couldn't help but smile back. The young people looked confused. I jumped off the roof and the old man shook my hand. "It is quite a surprise, and pleasure, to see you in the Demon world again." He said, almost laughing with happiness. I smiled at him.

"Thank you, but this is not my home anymore..." I said trailing off. He winked at me.

"Once a Demon, always a Demon." He said, and walked away. Stunned silence. Confused and amazed expressions. I quickly jumped into the air, flying faster than I ever had before. I flew to the only place I knew I would find comfort in. The Paradise Garden. No, not the one in the Angel world. The Demon world had one too. Oh, don't act so surprised. I landed in front of the huge onyx gate. I reached for the necklace I always wore and looked at the small key. It had a small onyx key, which I stuck into a small hole in the gate. I stepped into the garden, the gate closing behind me.

I looked down at my feet, which were now bare. I was wearing a black gown, one that was floor length. It was a small bow, and little red roses on it. There was black lace at the bottom and it was strapless. My hair had magically been pulled back with a red rose clip, complimenting the inky black that surrounded it. I looked around me soaking everything in. It was a mirror image of the Paradise Garden in the Angel world... except here, everything was black. Black weeping willows, black grass. Except for the flowers, which were am blood red. The water in the small pond was a dark purple, getting darker the deeper you went. I looked at the small dock and gazebo, sucking in a quick breath. Demetri sat on the dock, in black jeans, not wearing a shirt. He was staring into the water sadly, but when he looked up at me he smiled.

"I knew you would come here." I just stared at him. His dark black hair swam in the cool breeze. "Sit with me." He said quietly, patting the dock next to him. I hesitantly sat on the dock, but didn't get close to him. He sat on one side of the dock, I sat on the other. He noticed the distance between us and let out a sad breath. He looked up at me. "You took your contacts out." He said, smiling.

"Well I don't need them when I'm here." I said, imagining my dark sapphire eyes... and the blood red ring that ran around my pupil. I looked at him and smirked,

"You took off your contacts too." I said, poking his shoulder and making him smile broader.

"Well... I can't say I don't need them here. But... I don't want to be a stranger to you." He said quietly. I looked into his bright green eyes, noticing the gold circle that lined his pupil. He looked so sad... I turned away from him and started to pluck some red lilies from the weeping willow branch that hung next to me. I lightly placed them on the water. He watched me, surprisingly not wearing his usual bored expression. "What do you think of Jake?" He finally said. My hand formed a fist and the flower I had been holding crumpled. I stared at it sadly and whispered a few words. The flowers un-crumpled itself and I placed it on the water, ignoring Demetri's question. "Do you think he's... the one?" He asked, and this time I couldn't ignore him.

"That's impossible. The gods... they didn't say when they would send him..." I said, grasping for excuses. Demetri stood up and walked over to me, sitting down, so that if I reached out my arm I could feel his arm.

"Maybe the gods think it's time that we finally..." His voice broke and I closed my eyes tight.

"No. Not now. Not after everything..." I stopped, putting my head in my hands. I didn't cry. Not in front of people. Especially not in front of... him. But ignoring my resistance, tears flowed down my face, landing in the lake with a small plop. Demetri put his arm around me in a gesture of comfort and I leaned against him. "I don't want to die." I whispered. He didn't move.

"Me neither." Was all he said, and I leaned farther into him. It now seemed that he was my only comfort in the world. I didn't want to end my life now... not like this.

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