Fighting for the Memories

Jake- Long black Hair. Gold Eyes with bright red circle lining pupil
Kaylee- Long blond hair. Bright green eyes with gold circle lining pupil. Angel
Sam- Long blonde hair. Bright green eyes with gold circle lining pupil. Angel
Demetri- Long black hair. Black eyes with red circle lining pupil Demon
Kendra- Short brown hair. Black eyes with red circle lining pupil Demon

(Kaylee and Sam are twins, brother and sister)
(Demetri is the Lord of Demons)

Chapter 1


by: Subrina

"I don't understand why Mama makes us come out here. It's the middle of the desert for Heaven's sake! It's not like we're going to find anything worth keeping." My sister through her hands up in the air and I rolled her eyes. Her ponytails hung limp at her sides. There was no wind here. There was no water here. There was nothing here. It was just sand. Lots and lots of sand, stretching out as far as the eye could see. Out mother had orders from Queen Sapphire to send my sister and I out here, to look for things to bring back to our city. I glared at Kaylee.

"Maybe they would pick two other people to go, if you hadn't caused so much trouble at the bar last week." I said icily. She mock gasped at me, putting a hand on her chest, her ponytails flying.

"Sam, how could you? Everything I did was out of self defense. You wouldn't want to see your little sister get hurt would you?" She said innocently. I didn't fall for those puppy dog eyes.

"You almost slit a boy's throat."

"He touched my butt!" She screeched.

"He accidentally bumped into you." I said calmly. She crossed her arms and turned away from me, sticking her nose in the air. She hated my controlled attitude and how I never spoke. Well, I spoke around her, but around anybody else, I was silent. Suddenly, my sister stopped cold. I looked at her and noticed that she was staring up ahead with a look of horror and confusion.

"Sam..." She said. I followed her gaze and saw it. There was actually something here. In the middle of the desert. Throughout the whole year that Kaylee and I had been doing our searches, we had never come across anything out here... until now that is. Before I could stop her, Kaylee was hurtling across the sand towards the thing. I followed her like a shadow, not making a sound as the sand flew out from behind me. As I got closer I could see that the "thing" was actually a person. Kaylee crouched beside the person and went to touch it.

"Kaylee don't..." I said, reaching my hand out. She ignored me and turned the person over. It was a boy, looking about 21, our age. Kaylee let out a small squeak and put the boy's head in her lap, stroking his long black hair. "Kaylee! Put him down, you know we're not supposed to Collect humans!" I said hastily, expecting the boy's eyes to fly open at any moment. My sister stared up and me and stuck her tongue out.

"We don't know that he's human. He hasn't opened his eyes yet. Maybe he's an Angel like us!" She squealed. I rolled me eyes at her. You could tell if someone was not a human by their eyes. If someone was an Angel, they had a fine line of gold circling their pupil. If someone was a Demon, they would have the same circle, except it was red.

"he can't be an Angel, just look at his hair." I pointed at his long black hair. She looked down at it and frowned.

"I suppose... but I don't want to be the one to kill him. He has such a gorgeous face..." She said, stroking his cheek. As if she had flicked a switch, the boy jumped up, gasping for air. Kaylee screamed and quickly scampered behind me. I pulled out my sword, expecting my sister to do the same. Instead, I could feel her shaking behind me. "His eyes... did you see his eyes?" She asked, her voice breaking. Why was she so scared? The strange boy wheeled around to face us and I realized what had made Kaylee so shaken.

His eyes were like liquid gold. They were the color of honey, but had a strange glow to them. I stared at him as though he were a god, because the Angels had never heard of a person with golden eyes before. But then I saw the ring. It was like a punch in the face, seeing the blood red line, imprisoning his pupil behind it. But that wasn't even the worst part. In his eyes was a madness so severe, I almost sorry for him. By the way his eyes flickered back and forth, he looked like an animal compared to my Kaylee and me. I pointed my sword at him and he backed up a step. He dropped to his knees and my sister stood beside me, gaining back her courage. It was not like her to run away from a fight. She pulled out her gun and pointed it at him, ready to fire.

* * *

My eyes flashed open and I jumped up. I heard a girl scream and I quickly looked around me. There was sand.... sand everywhere. Where was I? "His eyes... did you see his eyes?" I heard a girl ask. I wheeled around and saw two people staring bug- eyed at me. There was a boy and a girl, both looking about the same age as me. How old was I? Never mind, that didn't matter right now. The two people were both beautiful, like Angels. From the looks of them, I was guessing that they were brother and sister, from the long blonde hair and the bright green eyes. If I looked closer, I could see a fine golden line circling both their pupils. How strange.

I examined the girl. Her long blonde hair was tied up in pony tails with a black ribbon, which hung limply at her sides. She was wearing a short black dress, which got frilly at the bottom. She was wearing stilettos, and fish-net stockings. On her right hands were fish-net finger-less gloves. Her lips were a bright red, and her eyeliner was dark. She was beautiful. I looked at the boy. He was tall and leaned into his sister protectively. He was wearing black jeans and a loose black shirt. He stared at me as if he had never seen a person before in his life. His sister, on the other hand, was staring at me in utter horror.

The boy pulled out a sword and the girl's expression suddenly changed from horror to hatred. I took a step back, eyeing the girl. She suddenly pulled out her gun and my knees gave out. What was with these people?! Would they really kill a random stranger?! I gazed up at the girl, who took a step towards me. She suddenly looked away, avoiding my eyes. Coward. "Who are you and why are you here?" She asked, still avoiding my gaze.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you supposed to look people in the eye while you talk to them? It's only polite." I was stunned at my words. I hadn't meant to sound rude. At the sound of me voice, the girl's knees shook. I looked over at the boy, who was staring at him with his mouth wide open. I looked away, totally confused. What was with these two? "Close your mouth, you'll catch flies." He instantly closed his mouth and the girl glared at him, as if it was a crime to listen to me. Taking a deep breath, she risked a glance at me. Her eyes really were a beautiful green. She let out her breath, shaking again. She raised the gun, this time holding it with two hands.

"Who are you and why are you here Demon?" She asked, her voice shaking. Demon?

"First of all..." I said, taking a breath. "My name is Jake, nice to meet you. Second of all, I don't know why I'm here, you two are the ones who found me unconscious. Third of all... I'm not a Demon, I don't think... so don't be scared." The girl instantly relaxed, but gave me a confused look.

" are you doing that?" She asked, her voice still a little shaky. I stared at her blankly.

"Doing what?" I asked, confused. I wasn't doing anything, well... not that I knew of. Why were these people so weird? And why didn't the other guy talk at all? I held up my hands in surrender. "I have no memories of... well of anything. I would be very grateful if you would help me get back on my feet and out of this desert. I'm parched." I said, noticing for the first time how dry my mouth was. The girl glared at me.

"Why would we help you? You're a Demon."

"I don't think I am."

"You have the red line around your pupil."

"And that automatically makes me a Demon?"

"Yes, you evil thing."

"You don't even know me. You have no right to mark me as evil." I said, glaring at her. Her knees shook and she collapsed onto the ground. I knelt beside her and looked at her long blonde hair, worry creasing my forehead. "Are you okay?" I asked. She stared at me as if I had gone crazy.

"Sam..." She said, looking at her brother. He looked up at her, breaking his gaze on me. "We need to take him to the city. We need to show him to Queen

* * *

We had introduced ourselves on the way back to the city. Jake was his name... it suited his face. His beautiful, maybe Demon, face. We established that he was about the same age as Sam and I, maybe a year or two older. He really didn't remember anything, except his name. When we had gotten into the city, he only showed wonder at all the things around him. Buildings and parks, green grass and blue ponds. When we got to the tower, Jake's stare was unlike anything I had ever seen. His golden eyes lit up and I couldn't help but smile. His emotions seemed to seep into Sam and I whenever they changed. When Jake was happy, we were happy.

We approached the palace door and Sam stopped. He turned to face Jake and pulled out a pair of midnight black sunglasses. Jake looked at me and I nodded. "Your eyes are... different. We're better off if only the Queen sees them for now." Jake had gladly put them on, saying he looked hot in them. I agreed. We walked through the huge marble doors, and rows of guards greeted us. Sam and I walked up to the front desk with Jake trailing along behind us. I cleared my throat and the receptionist looked up.

"May I help you?" She asked in a bored tone. I glared at her.

"We need to see Queen Sapphire right away please." The receptionist laughed and snorted, the most hideous sound in the world.

"Pardon me, but the Queen will not be seeing anybody today." She laughed again and looked down at her papers.

"I got this." I heard Jake say behind me. He pushed past me and glared at the receptionist. She looked up and narrowed her eyes at his inky black hair. "Look lady." Jake said. "We are meeting with the head honcho hear, right now. Got it? Don't make me ask again." He said angrily. The girl glared at him.

"What are you going to do if I don't?" She asked snobbishly. Jake calmly took off his glasses and I stared in wonder as he leaned over the desk. The receptionist gawked at him and opened her mouth like a fish. From the look on her face, you would think that she was burning from the inside. Maybe she was. On the other hand, Jake was looking bored, as usual. Satisfied, he put his glasses back on and the woman fell to the floor. "Lead the way." He said, ushering me on. I hesitantly agreed, not wanting to end up like that woman. Serves her right though, I thought to myself.

* * *

How the hell had I done that? The anger had overcome me and I had just wanted to hurt the woman. When I had taken my glasses off, my anger had rolled off onto her, leaving me totally in control. She had stared at me in such horror, such pain... and I had loved every second.

I thought about the queen, making thoughts of the pain disappear. Kaylee had said that we were very lucky to see the queen, and that she never gave visits to anyone. She had warned me not to talk to the queen at all, no mater what the queen asks me. I wondered what she looked like. She was probably old and ugly, with wrinkles. She was probably ugly too. I thought about this as we entered a huge room. Kaylee had informed me that we probably weren't meeting with the queen, just one of her ladies in waiting or something. I hoped they were hot. Kaylee and Sam suddenly stopped and I bumped into them. I looked over their shoulders and almost dropped dead.

Sitting on a silver chair was by far the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, even more beautiful than Kaylee. She looked around my age, a year or two older then Sam and Kaylee. She was sitting in her chair sideways, hanging her feet over the side. Her hair was as inky black as mine, flowing all the way down to her waist. Even from back here, I could make out her beautiful sapphire eyes, living up to her name. Her lips were a dark red, as if she had just recently covered them in blood. She was so sexy that I thought I would fall to my knees right here and now. Kaylee cleared her throat and took a step forwards.

She said something I didn't hear. I was too busy noticing how the girl's body curved with the way she sat in her chair. I wondered who this girl was, that she got to sit in this cool room all by herself, with nobody to bother her. As if someone had asked them too, Kaylee and Sam left the room. The door closed behind them and I was suddenly aware that it was just me and her in the room. Oh God, I was going to have a heart attack. She girl played with her inky black hair and smiled at me.

"Why don't you come over here so I can get a better look at you?" She asked. Her voice was so strong, so clear. It seemed to take away all my worries and unhappiness in the world, making me want to run to her. But I kept my cool, calmly walking over and putting a hand in my pocket. Her sapphire eyes twinkled. "Why are you wearing those glasses?" She asked, her voice making me want to fly. I shrugged.

"Someone thought it was better if I leave them on." I said plainly. I imagined Kaylee and Sam's expressions of horror when they had seen my eyes. I didn't want the same reaction as her. She stood up.

"Please take them off?" She asked, giving me puppy dog eyes. I wanted to fall to the floor, hug her, and pledge my loyalty to her forever... but I didn't. I just shook. The shaking of the head stopped as she stepped closer and closer to me, so close that I could smell her minty breath. She leaned in and her lips brushed against me ear. "Are you hiding something?" She whispered. I felt myself go weak and quicker than I would have thought possible, she had pulled my glasses off. I turned towards her, bracing myself for the horror- stricken look. It never came.

She gazed at me in wonder, not giving anything away. She tilted her head to the side, almost as if asking a question. "Who are you?" She finally asked. I held out my hand.

"My name's Jake." She shook my hand and still kept her gaze without showing any signs of weakness, like Kaylee or Sam had. "I never got a name from you though." I said, winking. She laughed, the most beautiful sound in the world, like tinkling bells. She tapped me on the nose and I smiled.

"Silly boy..." She said, as if it were obvious. "I am Queen Sapphire."

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