Why did you have to go='(

Nicole you know who this is for too! I got it from you for the same person.

Chapter 1


Why did you have to go with out telling me I thought we had something good going or was I wrong was it just a lie I will never know now. You always new how to cheer me up and you were always there for always making me laugh.

You told me that you would always be there and that we would always be good friends and I thought we also had a little more then that. You were the greatest person I ever new and the greatest friend I had ever had but I guess I was wrong.

You left me in the dark wondering why you left and wondering if it was me or not why. I told you I loved you and you said it back was it a lie for you was I your entertainment for the day maybe you really didn't like me why.

You hurt someone else that was close to you. You had two people you got close to that were your close good friends that you always talked to why.

Re post this if someone that you were really close to hurt you!!!


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