Winners of the Picture Story Contest

Chapter 1

by: Free_Wolf
Hi everyone!!
Thanks to all that participated in my Picture Story Contest! You gusy rock!! =D
Now please take note that all of these are really special. So don't take it badly if you weren't first! :) I loved all of your stories!
I'm also really happy because I can put everyone that participated in here! There were only three people that actually did the contest! I'm so happy everyone can be a winner today!! =D

In 3rd place is...
senninaws! Congrats! Your story "zozo2308's Picture Story Contest by senninaws." Was AWESOME!!! I couldn't stop reading! I really can't wait until the next part comes out! =D
If anyone is interested in reading it, here it is:

In 2nd place is...
musicismysoul8! Congrats! Your story "The actual story of Red Riding Hood now for zozo2308's story contest" was AMAZING!!! I loved the idea of changing the Little Red Riding Hood's story! You have awesome ideas! =D
If anyone is interested in reading it, here it is:

And finally, in 1st place is...
MortRainey! Congrats!!!! =D Claps
Your story "Fallen" is absolutely AMAZING! I think it is one of my favorite stories on Quibblo! Fascinating story! So much suspence! =D
If anyone is interested in reading it, here it is (it isn't on Quibblo anymore, but on Wattpad):

All you guys' stories were FANTABULOUS!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for writing a story for the contest!! You guys are THE BEST!!!! =D
You are all amazing writers, and I feel bad for having to chose who is better than the other.

Please message me telling me what you want as a reward! :)


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