Magic.......a Harry Potter Love Story Year 1

Credit goes to J.K Rowling (except for the bit's I made up of course :D)
Also....My favourite writer on Quibblo-Fiona June (often known as Fish) gave me the inspiration as she writes Harry Potter fanfics too!

Name: Hazel Wood (sister of Oliver Wood)
Hair: Chestnut brown
Eye Colour: Hazel :)
Parent's: Were Aurors and were killed during those 'dark days' when Voldemort was strong so Oliver and Hazel were brought up by they're mother's sister and her husband who are wizards.

Chapter 1

I'm Off to See the Wizards, the Wonderful Wizards in Hogwarts

'Come on Oliver!' I shouted to my brother 'Or we'll be late!'
We were walking through Kings Cross station and it was 10 to 11!! Me, Oliver, our Aunt Sarah and Uncle Hugo were on our way to platform 9 and 3/4.
I was so excited I was starting 1st Year and Oliver was in 5th so he's way ahead!!
We finally reached the barrier Oliver told me about and I became nervous. What if I couldn't walk through? What if there was some problem?
I was about ask Oliver to accompany me through the wall (barrier, wall-whichever) but he had already gone through-so much for a helpful brother but Sarah took my hand and we quickly walked through the wall with Hugo behind us.
'Woah' I said when I saw the big red Hogwarts Express
'Yes I know' smiled Hugo. He and Sarah had both attended Hogwarts
'Well Hazel' said Sarah 'This is it, your finally going to Hogwarts!'
'Yeah I'm really excited but I'll miss you and Hugo'
'We'll miss you too but you'll be grand!' Oliver came out from the steam to say goodbye we (well mostly me) hugged and kissed our Aunt and Uncle goodbye and then made our way to the train and got on just as the whistle blew.
Oliver ran off to his friends so I followed since all the carriages were full.
'Um were do you think your going?' Oliver asked
'Where do you expect me to sit then?!'
Oliver hesitated and looked around 'How about in there?' he pointed to a carriage with a red haired boy about my age sitting there.
'But I don't know him!'
'That's how you make friends Hazel!' He replied 'Plus he's one of the Weasleys and they're really nice!'
'Oh okay then!' I said and he ran off with his friends while I slid open the carriage door were the red head sat.
'Uh hi' I said 'Do you mind if I sit here?' I asked him
'Of course not' he replied 'I'm Ron Weasley by the way'
'Hazel Wood' I said shaking his hand and then sitting down
I'm off to see the Wizards the Wonderful Wizards in Hogwarts I thought to myself!
For the next few minutes we talked and laughed about random stuff but then Ron noticed a scar I have inbetween my shoulder and my neck, I'd had it all my life and I didn't really understand what it meant.
'What's that there?' he asked pointing to it.
'Um it's this scar I've had all my life and it's shaped like a lightning bolt which is strange but cool!'
'A lightning bolt?' He asked 'Doesn't that remind you of Harry Potter, you know? the Boy Who Lived?'
'Yes it does actually, I always thought there might be some weird connection because my parents -they're dead now- were Aurors and they fought all the bad guys'
'Woah.....maybe your like the Girl Who Lived or something!' he exclaimed
I laughed 'I really doubt that', I mean I'd sort of be famous then wouldn't I? I live with my aunt and uncle and they never said anything about a connection..........but whenever I bring up my parents death or my scar they change the subject I thought to myself.
There was a boy with dark hair and shabby clothes standing by the door with his trrunk, he opened the carriage door and asked if he could sit down.
'Yeah sure' I said. I waited till he'd packed his trunk away and said 'I'm Hazel Wood and this is Ron Weasley'
'Oh hi, I'm Harry Potter' He said my jaw dropped because he's famous and we were just talking about him!
''Oh my god' said Ron 'and you-you have the......scar?' he asked
Harry lifted his fringe to show his lightning shaped scar that was exactly like mine.
'And that's were You Know Who....'
'Yeah but I can't remember anything' Harry replied
'Not anything at all?' I asked eager with curiosity
Harry looked at me and smiled 'Well I just remember a flash of green light'
I thought about that it sounded familiar....I'd had dreams about flashes of green light....weird. I sighed and sat back in my seat.
'Is everything okay?' Harry asked me
'Oh yeah's just....' I couldn't think of what to say so Ron butted in
'Hazel's got a scar just like yours and she thinks you two might have some sort of connection!' Ron said
'What! No I don't.....well I have a scar but....' I told Harry what I told Ron about my parents being Aurors and stuff.
'Wow, that's strange!' said Harry
'Yeah' I said.
We talked about some different random things and then a woman came along with a trolley full of sweets, Harry bought some and we ate happily while Ron showed us his pet rat- Scabbers.
I was so happy that already I'd made two awesome friends! But I was still confused about the scar thing but I decided not to worry about that right now!

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