A Poem

by A. R. McIntyre

Chapter 1


Forget the nights,
I lie awake.
Forget the fights.
Forget the shake.

Forget our memories,
Our destinies.
Why can't you see?
I'm crumbling.

It's all to much,
I have a growing hunch.
That just maybe...
I'm crumbling.

I think I'm able,
To tell if I'm stable.
but maybe your unable,
To see how I'm unstable.

The tears are slowly racing,
My voice is slowly fading.
The night is slowly changing.
The fear is never ebbing.

Don't think I don't know,
Don't think it doesn't show.
Instability is insanity.
But this is my reality.
And maybe someday you'll join me.
And we can live in this place of make believe.

...But listen to me when I say.
This is not the way it's meant to stay.
Not the way it's meant to be.
Not the me I'm supposed to see.
Nothing in this world can change me.
And I'm dying to be set free.
But this is who I am.
And this my life is a sham.

But I'm tired and I'm bored.
And I'm certainly ignored.
But someday I will see.
The way I'm meant to be.
But until then my friend.
Please stay until the end.

Because I'm certain you know.
And I'm certain it shows.
And I know that I'm unable.
Because it's clear that I'm unstable.


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