One day was all I needed {The boy with Asperger}

A girl who meets a boy who has Asperger.

Chapter 1

Meeting him.... And losing him.

by: LilLisa
I walked into the classroom. The first thing I hear is my name being called.

"Alicia come here." I noticed two of my friends. I started walking towards them when someone ran into my side and I fell down. The guy that ran into my fell down too.

"Uuhh.. I'm uh..." We both got up and before he can finish my friend Jennifer pulled me away,

"Ugh Alicia get away from this freak." She started dragging me away.

"Jennifer what the hell. That's not right. You can't call someone a freak if you don't know them." I looked back. He was opening and closing his hand like he was squeezing something repeated and quickly. Jennifer snapped her fingers in my face.

"Look, I know how nice you are, or want to be, but you can't be seen with him. You'll fall down the social ladder. I won't be able to be seen with you either." I looked at the boy and back at her.

"Right now that doesn't sound as bad." I walked and sat down next to the boy. He looked at me wierd. "Hey I'm Alicia." He looked sideways quickly and opened his book away from me and started writing or drawing. "Uh your name is."

"Dave." He wouldn't look at me. He kept drawing. A little shake was in his hand as he drew. He closed his notebook and started messing with his hands. I watched him curiously. "Uhh why.. are you.. why are you here. Not to be mean. Just why you want to sit next to me. I'm not cool."

"Because you aren't cold hearted." He still wouldn't look at me or smile.

That whole class we talked. Well I talked. He barely spoke and never changed his expression. He either drew in his notebook or messed with his hand. He never even looked at me. I saw one page of his notebook. He can draw amazing. That page was filled with drawings of guns, dragons, tanks, cars, and so much more on that one page. That class end and I barely found out we had every class together. I wonder why I never noticed him. Then I found out. He always hid in the shadows. Avoided the teacher and didn't talk to anybody. I talked to him the whole day.

After school

I walk home everyday. I said goodbye to a few people but after my last class Dave ran away. I thought maybe he's shy and doesn't want to talk to me and I just pressure him into it. I was crossing the street wen out of no where I hear a skid a car honk, and someone pushed me out of the way. I hear a loud thud. I turn around and see Dave on the floor and a white van driving way past the speed limit. I saw him all bloody and breathing heavily.

"Dave are you ok. Dave talk to me." He put his hand in his pocket and gave me a paper which remain intact, no sign of blood on it. I shoved it in my pocket and pulled out my cel phone. I called the hospital. I saw his eyes closed. "No Dave don't close your eyes. Dave please don't" My eyes got all watery and i held Dave's head up. The ambulance came and took Dave away but wouldn't let me go. He left and I remember the paper he gave me.

I opened it to find a beautiful drawing of me. He caught every detail from my hair style to my dimples I get when I smile. On the back was a message.

'Your beauty is too good for paper. Thanks for being with me when no one else would. Because of you I wont let anything happen to you.'

He didn't. He sacrafice his life for me. I won't ever forget you Dave. I know I only knew you for one day but thats all I needed to start falling in love with you. Now your gone and the only thing I see is your grave when I go to visit you every Sunday missing you everytime I think about you. Because that one day was all I needed.


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