Mermaids Are Real, But Yet I'm... "Speechless"

Mermaids Are Real, But Yet I'm... "Speechless"

This story takes place during Michael's 05 trial. He is 46-47. He see's something that he can't believe. Something so unreal, that he has to check to make sure he isn't dreaming. Will this help him get through the trials easier? Or will it add on to his list of things to figure out? Check it out to see the story unfold.
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Chapter 1

How It All Started

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always loved swimming. I would always pretend I had a tail. Joining my legs together as I swam, pretending that they were one.
I was always hoping, wishing, and praying. That one day I would wake up and find myself in the ocean, breathing under water. And to have a tail. To be.... A mermaid.
My life was pretty normal. Friends and family who loved me. People who adored me. Then others who would make fun of my fantasies, my celebrity crush, and well..... Me.
First of all, my fantasies aren't silly. They are not stupid or idiotic. They were just something I used as an escape. Is that so bad?
And oh sure. Lets all gang up and make fun of the innocent girls crush. So what I liked Michael Jackson. He's hot! And a wonderful person. Unfortunately people's lies had been painted over the truth.
And then, there's me. First off, I'm Savannah. Vanna for short. I've always been the shy girl. The one that sits in the corner and doesn't talk much unless there are people in the room that I know. Only time I ever really was not shy was when I was on the dance floor. There I could let loose, and let my worries fade away. I could be free, and always show who I was through my steps and movements.
Unfortunately, I can no longer dance, well not with feet that is.
Everything was normal, until that day.......
I had a job, I had just turned 18. I was getting along in life. Having fun, and just plain loving my life. I had went on vacation with some friends. We had decided on going to California, a long ways away from my home in Tennessee.
But I agreed. We were at the beach, I decided to go swim. I guess.... I decided at the wrong time.
The water was warm, the sun was hot. I ran out and jumped in. The waves washed over me as I swam further out. I don't know what I was thinking that day, but it seems that I wasn't in my right mind.
I had never gone out that far before. And I was on my own.
I was having a blast, enjoying the water. Until I felt a pull on my leg.
Then again, another pull. This time much stronger. I was pulled under. Strong pain ran through my legs as another pain started in my chest from the water rushing down my throat and into my lungs.
The worst feeling to ever experience. Well, at least to me.
I opened my eyes and looked down, then passed out from the sight. The last thing that I remember seeing was the huge shark, and all the blood.
God.. There was ''so'' much blood. I thought I was going to die. I was drowning, and both of my legs were being ripped off like a pair of socks.
Then I awoke. I awoke in a strange place. On a soft bed. My legs didn't hurt. Nor did my chest ache. I ran my fingers through my hair to realize that it was slightly floating.
''Oh my gosh.. I'm still under water!!'' I thought.
In fact I was. And I was able to breath under water. I looked down at my legs. No legs there, instead there was a beautiful long silver and baby blue tail.
I was flipping out. I couldn't believe what I was experiencing.
''I'm a mermaid...'' I thought as I sat up and looked around. Suddenly two beautiful mermaids swam in smiling at me.
"Hello. I'm Capra. And this is Sandi." She introduced herself. Sandi waved.
"H-hi. Can you e-explain why I'm a m-mermaid?" I asked.
"Yes. You were being attacked by that shark and we were swimming by at the time. We came and got you before he killed you. We noticed that you were passed out, so there was still hope to save you. So we did." Capra explained.
I nodded. "Now there are a few rules." She said. "First, you can't be on land too long. You scales will dry out. But you can still sun bathe or moon bathe for about two hours. And secondly, no contact, I mean none. With the humans. Understand?" She continued.
"Yes. None?" I sighed thinking of my friends and family. And Michael.
"None. I know you will miss your friends and those you love. But this is for the better my dear." She smiled lightly. "Feel free to explore Saratopia." She swam off.
Sandi swam up to me. "Wanna explore and be best buds?" She asked.
I smiled. "Sure." We swam off together.

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