Final (For Harmony)

(C) Neare Beyonde

Chapter 1


If I had my last breath
I would set out on my adventure
For many years
Find my true friend
To find a final soul
I couldn't see how I found you

Every dream
Every thought
Every breath
I think of you
Everytime I cry
I miss you. I need you.

Oh, the roads I took
The life I lived
The road I took, finally
The years that I spend
Wasting life, caring about looks
Smile for me, take my hand
You've been there too, so, come along with me too
Show me the truths
Color the lies
It feels like destiny took it's course
Fate finally backed down
Uh-Oh.... Uh-Oh... Uh-Oh

How many times I've lost myself
If I had one last breath, I'll say one last thing...
For the final shooting star
For the final breath
For the final pluse
I'll say... .I love you.



Every long last day
Every short deep sound
Every quiet lie
Every loud truth
There stood a final star
There stood a final soul
There stood a final beacon.... Shattered and cracked, but shining....
There stood you....


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