My Longing

Hey this is a short story... a present tense narrative so... w/o further ado... my longing...

Chapter 1


by: Amy_chii
Its the same thing everyday... I watch you move girl to girl, breaking their hearts as you did mine. Do you know what its like to be tossed around like a rag-doll? Do you know what its like to be a disgrace? a disappointment? No. You don't. I know, every girl you go to is somehow, in a way, close to me... as if you were hurting me, breaking me more than i already am, on purpose.

I smile everyday, hiding the anger, the pain, the longing that i still hold for you. Torn between my heart and my mind. My desires and my needs. It amazes me-- how you are able to act as if I never existed. Do you remember? Everything i have done for you? sacrificed for you? gave to you?

I hurt myself, knowing we will never exist anymore. Yet... I still hope... for the next time my lips touch yours, my laugh sings with yours, my hand to tough yours... to feel your arms around me yet again... even if its just for a second....

But... here we are. Standing. I stare and your bright orbs as you stare into my dark ones... A sad smile etched on my face... waving my last goodbye... at our past... and our future...

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